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  1. I am going to look into psexec as well... Thanks N1k!!!
  2. I ended up using Microsofts Robocopy, a utility that comes with Server 2003 Resource Kits Tools. This utility does exactly what I have listed above, and then some, and has an optional GUI .
  3. Hello All!!! I am looking for a file sync program (similar to Microsoft SyncToy). The problem that I have is with permissions. The directories that I need to sync are all on my companies domain, and all have specific permissions set to allow/deny access. I have tried a few sync solutions (Rsync, SyncToy, etc.), which work great, but none of them copy the permissions over . Instead, they simply pass on whatever permissions the root folder has on to the newly copied folders, which basically opens the limited access folders up to the public. For instance, XCopy with the /O switch will "copy file ownership and ACL information". This has worked fine in the past, but I am looking for something with a GUI, or something automated such as SyncToy. Does anyone have any suggestions of a software solution (doesn't have to be freeware) that can help me?!?! Thanks in advance!!! Cheezus420
  4. Welcome Scopeit. I must say, I recently visited Sydney for my spring break, and WOW, what a cool place. I am jealous!!! Welcome and enjoy Cheers
  5. What up smithrz. What exactly is it that is happening with your video I mean, Im on the fritz all the time, but I still work just fine Just post some of the problems, or what it is exactly that is fritzy about it... P.S. You need to get yourself an avatar!!!
  6. This guide kicks a** If this doesnt get it working for you, let me know Click Here B) EDIT: I used method 2, worked just fine!!!
  7. Dane cook and pablo fransisco are comedic gods... It is too bad that Will Ferrel doesnt do stand up, Im pretty sure he is the funniest man on the face of the planet. Props to Richard Preyer also
  8. Hmmmm... Where did you place your start.cmd file??? [GuiRunOnce] %systemdrive%\install\start.cmd This looks right, so long as your start.cmd file is located in $OEM$\$1\Install folder Could you post your start.cmd file??? Just a suggestion, but RunOnceEx seems like a much better way to go about installing apps. It is much more clean and professional looking. Check it out!!! It may seem a bit more complicated to set up, but it really isnt.
  9. Yeah, that guide is the bomb, as is this forum Welcome, and enjoy!!!
  10. Actually, I have that same problem getting rid of the link for outlook express and Internet explorer in the "all programs" menu. I just assumed that windows re-added them @ bootup, kinda like the "Startup" folder in "all programs". Hopefully someone can help us!!!
  11. I am 40% addicted to Porn. What about you? I thought I loved porn more than that
  12. Why did you run System Restore to start with??? Were you haveing problems, or a virus or anything like that???
  13. Check ref.chm in the deploy tools.cab This will give you the official format EDIT: In case you didnt know, that is located in the TOOLS folder on your windows cd B)
  14. WOW, thats amazing!!! proof that computers can be usefull That must be some pretty impressive software is that system to be able to reconize that so quickly... I wonder how many false alarms there are??? Cool post!!!
  15. Is your domain / server set up for DNS??? What does it tell you when you try to join the domain???
  16. I use my unattended cd @ work on many different video cards, and monitor sizes... So far it has worked just fine for all that I have tried it on. (usaually sets it to 1024X768 and 32 bit color) EDIT: BTW, thats a pretty bad a** flag your countrys' got
  17. Well then this is the place for you Welcome
  18. You could also try to just delete the [display] section, and let it use the windows defaults (which is generally what windows thinks is the best choice) B)
  19. Try checking out some of the switches that are used with DEL or RMDIR or whatever you are using to delete them. use the /? and see if there are some switches to force a delete. Worth a try
  20. Nowadays the world revolves around fear, and we're paying for it... literally Its bullS$*t !!! What ever happened to : "Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself" - Franklin D. Roosevelt B) Now this guy knows whats goin on
  21. LOL I tried that out this morning... feels great!!!

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