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  1. Might be a silly question, but..... Can you right click on it, and find out where it is pointing to?? It may still point to the original folder in properties. Wild guess, but it might work.
  2. Dont know if it will help, but try turning off the automatic reboot on error, this may help you see the exact error that is occuring. System->Advanced tab->Startup & Recovery area->Settings button->Uncheck Automatically Restart. Also make sure Write an Event to System Log is checked. Should then be able to see what happened.
  3. Get the GTX, will blow 2 8600's out of the system,.
  4. Dont know if it will help, but........... Have a look on the install disk, and see if you can find the file. If so copy it into the game directory somewhere. (possibly also into windows system32 folder).
  5. Western Digital Data Lifeguard, I just ran it on my seagate HDD in Vantec External Case. Wont give you SMART info, but did run quick test. Didnt try extended test though.
  6. Not necessarily true, self built systems can last a lot longer than prebuilt. It depends on who builds it, if they can be stuffed doing a good job, did they have a big night earlier, etc, etc,etc. If you do it yourself, all the above apply, but you can leave it and come back to it. For general windows work, not 3d gaming etc, Alienware is extreme overkill, not to mention expensive. You could have a look at Dell if you are desparate, (again expensive), but nothing beats homebuilt if you can do it. Also with self built, you get to choose what goes in, what quality you use,and also what brands to use. Not helpful Im sure, but my 2cents. PS which state are you in.
  7. Start by checking your temperatures. Sounds like it could be overheating, then you have to wait for it to cool down. Have a look at CPU heat sink and Fan, see if it is clogged with dust.
  8. Didnt know it was out. But again I played too much D1/D2 back in the day. So after seeing your opinion, I might leave it to the beta testers, and see what its like on full release.
  9. Is it a brisbane core?? My 4800 is and it is showing under ambient temps, and going by some of the forums I have read the temps on Brisbanes can show high or low. Have a look at http://forums.amd.com/forum/ and search temps, will get a lot of hits. Also it could be hardware gone bad too, so Im not just blaming temp sensors. (Hope you understood all that.)
  10. Glad I could help, and thanks for letting everyone know it has been fixed.
  11. You could try here http://www.doom9.org/ They have a good habit of helping people revive dead drives. Also you could try this place http://www.cdfreaks.com/ Also a few links on this page, could maybe help http://www.doom9.org/links.htm
  12. You didnt back up the original firmware before flashing? You could always retry the new firmware, and hope for the best. (I have done this before myself)
  13. Unfortunately, being an Aussie, I don't know Walmart. Dont know what to compare it to out here. So I can't give you a definitive answer. Possibly yes, but don't really know.
  14. Might be a silly question, but have you tried another cable?? Have you got both channels enabled in Bios? Does disk management see it? Tired I might go to sleep now.
  15. OK, spread the news, HOW did you fix it. Your answer could help someone else.
  16. Hey dirtwarrior, **** that was funny, nearly spilt the coffee all over the keyboard. can I use it on a couple of other furums please. We all ride and could quite well relate to that. (cept we dont have squirrels in Aus) thanks
  17. I use ACDsee 5, and Picaview, on XP SP1. They are so handy, especially picaview, it can play video, (not everything), and sound, and gives you thumbnails in right click. Anyone know if it works in SP2, or Vista?? Not changing to Vista, but might go to SP2.
  18. Nice, works well, and fast too.
  19. oldwolf


    Hello and welcome.
  20. Dont really need DVI onboard because I use discrete video cards, but if games get any better I will have to go SLI I think. Probably go with GA M59sli S4 or S5 board. Also wont buy SiS or Via chipset boards these days as I have heard too many problems with them. I used to use Via boards a couple of years back and had no problems, but not now.
  21. It was also cheap, which was good as I had run out of money after the upgrade. Might buy one of the 590 chipset boards later when I decide to O/C, and if I decide to go SLI.
  22. Hi Alpaca I am using the X2 4800 @ 2.5. It is a good CPU, havent O/C'd it yet. Running on GA M55plus S3g, built in graphics, 4 sata, 2 1394, 2 IDE connectors, onboard sound, not super fast but handles all thwe games well. The only thing is the temp reporting diode/thermistor whatever, doesnt work properly on mine, and quite a few others I have read about on AMD processor forums, the brisbane core seems not to work. All programs I have tried are showing temps between 5c and 11c. From what I have read there is no problem with the CPU itself, it works great, just the temp reporting, so if you need them they are whacky. (and AMD arent saying there is a problem.) (have used the following:> speedfan, sisoft sandra XI, AMD64CT, coretemp, Everest, CPUZ, Crystal CPU, and a couple of others I cant remember.)
  23. OK I stand corrected. (cant find the stupid link either so I got nothing to back me up.
  24. From what I have been reading, (aussie pc mags june 07), you can put AM2+ in AM2 socket boards, but not AM3. Ill see if I can dig up a link.

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