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WPI_2.7_Final by the Brain & Gresh

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Thanks, works like a charm now!

For office, I made an unattended install (administrative install thingy with patches slipstreamed) and now, when I call "pro11.msi /qb" it installs word, excel, ..., publisher. kinda easy now if a new patch appears :D

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Oh god..i was ready to burn my DVD(%CDROM% worked like charm)......and then something got wrong,because now every time i try to launch WPI.hta i get this error...

This Happens no matter if i use your original files ,or my modificated files...

Internet explorer problem?Please i was so close to finish...%$#@



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Feature Request if possible if not no biggie. It just may suit my needs only.

As am trying to limit the amount of CD's I have and reduce complication.

I’m going to be coping and using the WPI app on the to following unattended cd’s I have win2kpro,win2ksvr,winxpro,winxhome, and win2k3 you get the picture right.

Well the feature request that I have. Is to put in a configuration to specify the Os this app or Tweak is for. If OS=Win2k for example then install all those items. plus defaults.

I know WPI stands for Windows XP Post Install. But I need it for Windows. Overall

Anyways just an idea.

Keep up the good work.

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I've got another question:

I need two WPI's:

one for during the unattended install (done)

one for when i want to install an app sometime from the cd (without having to copy the whole OEM folder to the hdd)

For the second WPI, how do I call the apps? like this?

prog[pn]=['Adobe Reader 6.02 Full']

desc[pn]=['Allows to view PDF-Files.<i>Recommended</i>']





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Djbe...you can do the following..i put all my applications to a folder APPS in my root dvd...when unattendend you call WPI as usual from $OEM$ and choose applications with %CDROM%\\APPS\\......

Then i make an extra folder with WPI in root of DVD and i built an autorun menu than calls %CDROM%\WPI\WPI.hta.Here config.js has the same code like unattended WPI %CDROM%\\APPS\\......

I think i helped you..sorry for my english ..

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i just noticed something.

I started using categories, for the first time, and now for some reason, every time I run my VEGAS VIDEO 4.0 setup, when it finishes, the computer restarts.

This is IRRELEVANT to what other programs are on the list (I tried ALL programs, and JUST Vegas. In BOTH cases, the computer restarted.)

I also changed the line in generate.js (as per your instructions in a past post):

if (i%40 == 0) // call RunOnceEx every 40 apps, so that the window doesn't grow too big

but the program causes a restart whether its 35 (like it was when everything installed), or 40 (when i ONLY installed vegas).

i never used to have this problem...

i dont know whats wrong.

here's my code for vegas:

cmd1[pn]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\vegasvideo\\vegas.msi /QB-!']

why is it restarting?

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