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  1. only this? aren't there problems with serial and other unattended step?because some time ago i read some post about those problems...
  2. yes? i thinked run after install...so, i'm wrong..
  3. ok but for replacing the original file, do i need to block the msnmsg.exe to run? how?caN I DO THIS WITH WINRAR?
  4. hi, how can re-active F6 key to work in an unattended cd?
  5. hi, i've lost some step into creation of a unattended cd.... i've integrated sp2, i've got my program to install correctly but i've lost some info about release of NEW WINDOW UPDATE V6.... so, my svcpack.inf is: ;Windows XP [Version] Signature="$Windows NT$" MajorVersion=5 MinorVersion=1 BuildNumber=2600 [SetupData] CatalogSubDir="\i386\SVCPACK" [ProductCatalogsToInstall] [SetupHotfixesToRun] netfxsp1.exe wi31.exe /Q /N /Z <--- this is window installer 3.1 KB873333.exe /Q /N /Z KB873339.exe /Q /N /Z KB883939.exe /Q /N /Z KB885250.exe /Q /N /Z KB885835.exe /Q /N /Z KB885836.exe /Q /N /Z KB886185.exe /Q /N /Z KB887742.exe /Q /N /Z KB888113.exe /Q /N /Z KB888302.exe /Q /N /Z KB890830.exe /Q KB890859.exe /Q /N /Z KB891781.exe /Q /N /Z KB893086.exe /Q /N /Z KB896358.exe /Q /N /Z KB896422.exe /Q /N /Z KB901214.exe /Q /N /Z KB903235.exe /Q /N /Z qchain.exe i don't use /integrate sintax..... is it correct of there are some mistakes?thanks for the help....
  6. in prefs.js can i delete: user_pref("browser.download.dir", "C:\\Documents and Settings\\beppe\\Documenti"); user_pref("browser.download.lastDir", "C:\\Documents and Settings\\beppe\\Documenti\\Sof x silent firefox"); ? they are the only things i see they are personalized for my PC....
  7. i can't retrieve the swicth for this new version.... can someone help me?
  8. i've ran regedit but DisableRollback is not present....what must i do?i must create it or not?and where?because in HKEY_CURRENT_USER there isn't MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\INSTALLER.......there is in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE!
  9. yes...but windows update saw me there is only an unpdate available: SP1 and the file size is 0kb....
  10. i've created a slipstreamed installation of framework1.1 + sp1....all work propertly but in windows update, only an update is available for me: FRAMEWORK SP1.... there's a registry entry wich fix that problem?
  11. i've tried 701Update.msi /qb-! but it doesnt work....
  12. what code must i put in hivesys.inf to disable wfp?i've lost it...i don't use nlite
  13. can i use: netfx.msi /QB NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe /Q under svcpack.inf with the same switches?
  14. during my unattended installation, at t-12 minutes remaining, an error box appear regarding 7-ZIP Can't find setup.exe why it appear?i haven't any program that installs at this point... and another question: using POST INSTALL SCRIPT, when i want to install a program using .MSI file, a box with all the switch appears, but the .msi doesn't install!
  15. ok and for installing FLASH PLUGIN too? btw where i can download flashplugin for firefox?
  16. what switch must i use to do it?i've seen the guide for firefox some post below but there are only english .MSI or .EXE...i need it but in italian language... thanks
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