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  1. And here is my config.js (all the apps are installed from a DVD). config.rar
  2. A few weeks ago I heard about WPI from Hasi001. From that point I started making my own customized version. I will attach my config.js file and a screenshot from all the apps I am installing and which switched I use on a WinXP Pro NL including SP2. Maybe someone here can use it, all the apps which are marked are good for silent installation, only Flash and Macromedia are not working right now, will deal with that tomorrow. Regards, Molski
  3. Installing dBpowerAMP or any of the codecs works with this switch: "<Silent>" Example: dmc-R10.exe "<Silent>" Tested it on my laptop and VMware Virtual Machine. Regards, Molski
  4. If you want I got an edited Acdsee 6 PowerPack version (.msi file) that installs without any questions, dialogs and switches
  5. Another question: Do I have to put all "register" stuff in a .reg file and import that silently or something like that? If so, how do I execute such a file silently? Or can I add all register lines in the config.js of WPI maybe?
  6. @nateklomp Sorry...sometimes a have a little fight with the keys on my keyboard. It has to be version 5 indeed Thanks for the UltraISO stuff.
  7. Good morning, I played around with WPI 2.8.2 last night and I like the program very much...it's awesome! I deleted and added programs so I got everything on it I always use. For some programs I use I found the switches to install it, but for some programs I cannot find the switches. Is there an easy way for me to find out what switches my programs need (including the adding of serial numbers (and install-path?) )? This is a list of programs that I don't know the switches for, maybe someone here knows it? - AntiVir XP Personal Edition (no serial required) - dBpowerAMP Music Converter (no serial required) - CloneCD 6 (serial needed) - CloneDVD2 (serial needed) - UltraISO 7 (serial needed) - Remote Administrator 2.2 (serial needed) - Remote Administrator Viewer 3 (no serial required) - WinSCP 3.6.8 (no serial required) - AutoPlay Menu Builder 4.1 (serial needed) - nLite 0.99b (no serial required) - Powerquest Drive Image 7 (serial needed) - VmWare Workstation 4.5.1 (serial needed) Molski
  8. @MCT The one thing I always do before I try something is using the Search But some topics I found, manuals and advices didn't work. So I hoped I could discuss my problem here. For you....I will use the search again, but will be back if I cannot figure it out myself
  9. Hi Guys, I am trying to install MS Office 2003 directly from my Windows XP Unattended DVD. The lines I have to execute are: Office_2003\office\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- Office_2003\visio\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- Office_2003\frontpage\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=..\visio\Unattended.MST /qb- I tried to use it with RunOnceEx.cmd but get errors with the %CDROM% variable. Is there any way I can execute these commands through an .inf file or a .cmd file directly from DVD, after the end user logged on for the 1st time, or maybe even during the text-mode setup? The filepath = D:\PROGRAMS\Office_2003\Office\ (where D:\ is the DVD-Drive). Or does every file you want to execute through a batch file has to be located in an $OEM$ folder? Molski

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