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WPI_2.7_Final by the Brain & Gresh

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thanks for ur reply.

have a look these r my config settings(http://m.domaindlx.com/fever16/config.js)

and i created $OEM$\$1\Install folders and placed my softwares in that.

my question is where to place that wpi folder.(is it inside that install folder)

and what to add winnt.sif.(theres only one file wpi.hta then what abt wpi.cmd and install.cmd? how to make them)

pls help me.iam a bigginer this is completely new for me


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from what i can see:


change all your


'cdrom','' tags to


'%cdrom%\\blah' tags

as you are going with the %cdrom% variable through setup,


put your Install folder into CD root, not in $OEM$/$1


put your wpi folder into CDroot\Install\


for unattended setup call up your WPI.hta file like shown in 1st post of this thread:


for testing purposes just double click the WPI.hta file

have fun,


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thanku very much for ur help

cdroot means the place where i386 folder is present right?

and i placed wpi.cmd and cleanup.cmd,WPI.hta in the same folder(mean root\install)

is it right?

and i added this in my winnt.sif





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i think those %systemdrive% variables needs also be replaced by %cdrom%

but on this one i am not sure,

as i am also a beginenr (a littler more advanced beginner if you like)

the complete wpi folder, must reside in Install/

not only its contents!



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A few quick answers:

1st thing to know is that: everything inside the $OEM$ folder gets copied to the systemdrive during textmode-setup. So if you make an unattended install DVD and place your Install-Folder into $OEM$\Install and install to c:, the result after textmode-setup would be a huge c:\Install-Folder. In this case you could use %systemdrive%\\Install\\...

If you put your installs on cd-root\Install the files won't be copied to the systemdrive during textmode-setup. so with wpi you'd have to use %cdrom%\\Install\\...

You could also mix up both variants. I do have a $OEM$\\Install folder, where I put all the software which won't be installed by WPI, but I want the option to install it any time. After install it just waits on c:\Install for getting installed.

Soft that is installed and mentioned in WPI sits on cd-root\Install (so it's only available after installing XP when the DVD is inside its tray).

In my configuration WPI can be found in $OEM\\Install\\WPI, cause after setup, the environment-variable %systemroot% is always set. so I can call wpi.hta from my install.cmd as %systemroot%\Install\WPI\wpi.hta

If wpi only sits on cd-root\Install\WPI\wpi.hta you'd have to search for the dvd's drive letter inside the calling script, cause there's no environment-variable for it.

so in my GuiRunOnce-section I just simply call install.cmd and from there i call everything else with the known start /wait ... calls.

easy as that.

PS. I'm working on a comprehensive guide for WPI right now, which should replace the out-of-date docs. I'll post when it's finished. C ya.

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[Feature Request](yay)

Entries with "no tickbox"


i also copy programs unattended by using $progs in $oem$ folder

so it would be good to include an info, which programs get installed automatically by $progs

variable suggestion:

var tick=[]  // make selection via tickbox possible true/false (or yes/no)

tick[pn]=['true']  // use tickbox (for regular install by WPI)

tick[pn]=['false']  // not use tickbox (no selection possible - for showing what gets installed by $progs)

usage example suggestions:

// tick false
prog[pn]=['Name of App installed through $progs']
desc[pn]=['Description of App installed through $progs']
dflt[pn]=['']  // not used
cat[pn]=['Registry Tweaks']

//tick true
prog[pn]=['Name of App installed through WPI']
desc[pn]=['Description of App installed through WPI']
cmd1[pn]=['%cdrom%\\Path\\To\\name.exe,.msi,.whatever /AppSwitch(es)']
dflt[pn]=['yes'] // used
cat[pn]=['Registry Tweaks']

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hello, me again :D

How do I make the WPI follow the order of installation during runonceex as in the config.js, but sort everything in the wpi itself? because now, it sorts everything in the wpi, AND installs following the sorted order... :wacko:

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