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Your Native Tongue


Which grouping of languages is yours?  

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  1. 1. Which grouping of languages is yours?

    • English (and variants)
    • European
    • Asian
    • South/Central American
    • African
    • Arabic

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  • 1 month later...

That's supposedly my native language. But I end up talking/communicating with people (online, as well as real-life) in English more often than not (90% of the time). So I can't really claim to know my Mother Tongue very well (I know as much as I learned of it in my infancy, I suppose).

Marathi is one of the many, many languages spoken in India. I vote for Asian group of languages.

Me 2 ... i cant remember when I last spoke my native language .. lol .. not that bad actualyl but yes.... me too speaks english 95% of the time and hindi (my native language) only 6% of the time.. (just for kicks)

Now u wud ask how come thats 95% and 6%... am i so dumb ?...

LOL... theres something called "HINGLISH" here.... a mixture of HINDI and ENGLISH.... I speak that 1% of the time...

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Language in the house - Kannada (Can Speak, Can't read or write)

Language in the locality - Marathi, Hindi (Can Speak, Read, Write)

Language on Net - English (Can Speak, Can read and write a bit)

@pratapml nice thread, and from the input's a successful one too.

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German and Italian (double mother language.... :) Had a smart father)

But use english for my jobs and online,

understand and speak a little of a ancient catalan dialect used in my town in sardinia.

french and spanish are going to be the next ones to be learned ;)

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My native tongue is Dutch and the local dialect.

As you see I can speak, read and write English fluently.

Understand a little bit of hindi ( :whistle: Bollywood films :))

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Swedish and English... learned both at the same time. My parents both speak swedish, so we spoke that at home, and English when I went out.

I still speak swedish with my parents at home.... makes for great "secret discussions" in front of everyone else... really cheezes them off! :P

I can understand French, German, and Dutch, though, and I'm thinking of doing graduate studies in Europe... so probably one of those is going to improve in about 2 years...

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