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  1. Simply restarting the Software Licensing service will fix this (each and every time it happens). This is a bug with vista, nuhi, dont waste your time. As much as you guys believe it has to do with vLite, trust me, its vista related. This has happened to me since early vista betas. Also happens on my retail copy. Microsoft simply ignored all of my bug filings on the subject, or blamed drivers on one occasion. I've yet to figure out what causes it, but I do know how to fix it when it happens. On my system (C2D 6600 @ 3.2ghz, 2gb DDR2, etc) it seems to happen randomly. It started to happen very frequently, usually every single time I rebooted, but as of late, I havnt seen it in a few weeks.
  2. Hey guys, I've got a good one for you. I'm using Vista Ultimate x64 and everything has been working fine. Until this morning when I was playing around with trying to send my buddy the windows "flip" shortcut because he had removed it and couldnt figure out how to get it back. I copied the shortcut to my desktop (it was in my quick-launch bar) and when I double click it to make sure it still works, it brought up the typical vista alt+tab screen. Now this is not something that I expected because I have a really nice computer, right now as it sits, this rig has a vista score of 5.8 (5.9 is the max vista goes right now). So, what I thought had happened is that somehow Aero got disabled. I right click on the desktop and go to Personalize to check and make sure I still have Aero enabled, and guess what happens? Nothing, I just get the waiting cursor and then nothing happens, it just pretends like I didnt do anything. So then I try to get into the options a different way, I think to go through control panel. Control panel does the same thing, just blips on the screen for a second and then bam, nothing happens. As it stands right now, I cant get into ANY of the vista properties menu's or even right click and choose manage from my computer. I realize that this might not make much sense, but its really weird. I'm not sure what happened.
  3. This is not that big of a deal guys. Vista handles memory in a much different way than any previous windows OS. It tries to make the best use of your available memory by keeping apps loaded in memory based on your usage. If a program needs more memory, vista will release things from memory to accommodate. Trust me, this is perfectly normal. Right now, I have 4GB memory, and vista is using 1.5GB of memory (all I have open is 1 firefox window with 2 tabs).
  4. Aero

    Please help!

    In order to use this method though the drive must be formated BEFORE the install process has begun, otherwise winnt.exe does not see that there is enough space to begin the install. That was the exact disk that I used when I mentioned that I had tried a bootable floppy w/ NTFS share access. It just does not ever give me the choice of choosing my partitions.
  5. Aero

    Please help!

    Ok, so I am in a class right now in school and one of my final projects (extra credit, your not doing my homework if you help me out) is to find a way to install windows XP over a network. That on its own is easy, but the requirements that my teacher has set forth are not something that I have been able to meet. His requirements are as follows: The install must not give people access to the install key (solved, taken care of my nLite) The install must let the user choose how to partition the drive and format with NTFS or FAT32, also includes multiple partitions It must be a network install that does not use RIS. So far this is what I have tried: Bootable floppy that gives me access to NTFS shares and allows me to launch installer over network. This came close to what i needed but it never gave me the option to partition, it would just launch, copy files and then start installing. Now i know i could format the drive the way I want before I start the install but then it will still only install to the first partition, dosnt want to let me choose. Ghost is not an option (teachers request) Also looked into a PartPE disk, but that is not something that would work out per teachers request. So if anyone has any ideas, what I basically need is a way to get a normal windows xp install as if i was booting from a CD, but accomplish this over a network. If you guys could help me out with this it would help out a ton.
  6. You should be OK. Go to this site for a guide on how to disable windows messanger service which is most likely behind these popups. Link: http://www.itc.virginia.edu/desktop/docs/messagepopup/ . Just make sure that you have installed all of the latest windows updates (SP2 should have out a stop to this). Makesure your antivirus and antispyware is up to date and working properly.
  7. Hey guys! I know there is a way to do this but dont have a clue where to start. What Im trying to do is make a batch script that will install all of the official windows updates silently on an existing machine. So far i have gotten it to work for all of the post SP2 updates and everything will install just fine if SP2 is installed on the machine. Im looking for a way to tell my script to get the windows version, determine if it has SP2 installed and if it does not, give some kind of message stating that SP2 is not installed. Any ideas?
  8. I use NOD32 on my computers, its quite nice. I havnt had anything slip by it yet and it has saved me quite a few times.
  9. Those of you who like NOD32, you should check out the beta (2.5). Its got some really cool new features. Now you can submit "possible" viruses to eset for further analysis. Anyway, my vote goes to nod32
  10. English and only English. I failed Spanish class in highschool twice Im horrible with other languages.
  11. Every time i give out an invite, by the next day i have 50 again, so ive been giving out 50/ day heh.
  12. i like it, looks pretty nice.
  13. Id say everything but the powersupply looks like it is quality. here is a breakdown of the prices: motherboard: $161 CPU: $186 Case: $50 Ram: $220 -------------- Total: $617 Total w/ guess for shipping: $660 So basically what it comes down to is that ur paying $140 for a cheap PSU. Id say ur better off buying it from different places on the net and just putting it together urself, and spend the $140 on a good power supply, and the hdd and cd drive and videocard that you would need for a complete build. Also, i suggest you buy some Arctic Silver 5 and use that instead of the crap that comes with the intel cpu's.
  14. What version of SAV9 you using? The only version that will work properly on XP with SP2 is 9.1 I beleive. There is a patch somewhere on the symantec website. Give that a try.

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