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  1. Miss-iformation...... it seems you are falling on the same fault after all Ad-aware blocks everything it can, but only if you have the pro version with the Ad-Watch module, I think you never tryied it... Norton, poor? Not so much after all. Bloated, for sure. Antispy, yes it is, it has an additional module since the 2005 second edition (antispyware edition) spyware blaster BLOCKS so it is perfectly legit here, as the poll is for BLOCKERS, not for only findng or removing that stuff Spybot has many more functions you seem to know, first a double blocking module, one integrated in iexplorer, and the second as a real time check program, simple but effective; then it can handle the autostart programs, immunize your computer, using restricted site lists, it can compile automaticly your precious custom host files (actually only one with everything to block inside....) and it needs no work at all because you can simply check some radio buttons and it will keep itself updated and self check your computer at will. you can even use peerguardian to block spyware, simply activating the browser block and loading the spyware list....... so there was some miss information on your side too mate........ by the way custom host files are not absolutely safe/working and they slow down a bit browsing experience, as they have to be checked again and again for every page you visit...... have a nice day you all
  2. I use the same set of tools plus MS antispy for real time control, never ad any problem with spyware since adopted
  3. One of the programs you may use to enable an usb key as access key for your computer is on this site and you don't need any other devce to make it work.
  4. For sure they are all working a lot on marketing, probably more on it than on their scan engines/features, but for compressed viruses to be found by norton the option has to be switched on. By default it is off and norton doesn't scan compressed files... it works perfectly with zip and rar files, but I didn't check with executable-compression tools modified virus files
  5. I checked out many, but always reverted on norton products....
  6. Nvidia hardware firewall (but you need the right mobo) and Norton Internet security suite is just fine
  7. Yes, maxthon. Growing better every time.
  8. Used Edonkey and Edonkey2000 a while, but now Ill' stay with Emule-Morphxt version, full featured with all you need, even peerguardian protection is integrated and auto updating... For the rest of the task ....winmx.
  9. DiskKeeper 9 pro. has double set&forget schedules, mft & pagefile optimization and boot-time systemfiles defrag, wich are workng fine finally, and is less resouce consuming than in the past editions. Tryed norton speed disk but is not as good as before with the old fat systems (it was the best on them), on ntfs it simply can't stand diskeeper. perfectdisk and O&O defrag are not bad probably the first one is better out of this two, but not as good as diskkeeper is.
  10. Yes, and after that check out what was the last thing your friend did before having the problem, o/c? New Drivers? sw install? and try to revert that last action, may be you could use F( option "last known god"
  11. German and Italian (double mother language.... Had a smart father) But use english for my jobs and online, understand and speak a little of a ancient catalan dialect used in my town in sardinia. french and spanish are going to be the next ones to be learned
  12. Used nvidia up to now, now I'm waiting for a new radeon x800pro card....
  13. You can give a try to UnattenXP by Maxxpsoft it integrates almost all you need, applications too. UnattendXP web page You need to register to have access rights to download section, new version is coming out.
  14. Well, good luck then.... hope you'll make it to get the piii running

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