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  1. 7Zip is quite nice as a file explorer.
  2. I worked with images a while back and got a few tips from this site. Maybe you will find it usefull as well.
  3. Maybe on the easyboot website.
  4. Rekenaar


    Wow, cool! The wheel clock is nice, but the year on it is wrong.
  5. I would guess that they want to prevent you from installing some kind of generic driver included in windows. Maybe I'm totally wrong...
  6. I had Seagate, Maxtor & Western Digital over the years. My rating on these three: 1 = Seagate 2 = Maxtor 3 = Western Digital The WD caused daat loss when it suddenly stopped functioning. Maybe it was just bad luck, but I will not buy one again.
  7. Yes, maybe you can add an option for "none", then I can also vote.
  8. alt ctrl delete alt ctrl delete alt ctrl delete alt ctrl delete alt ctrl delete
  9. From where are you installing the registry tweaks? What kind of registry tweaks are you installing (HKLM/HKCU)?
  10. Try placing your stuff in the following directory: $oem$\$Docs\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
  11. Funny how true this is in real life: you just can't lie to Mom!
  12. Good one. I wonder what is actually the oldest page/site still in use.
  13. No Age fans on this forum? Age of Empire II Age of Mythology I can't wait for Age of Empire III (end of year). From screenshots and preview articles I have already decided that it will be my favorite in 2006!
  14. My vote is for AMD64. Very satisfied with mine.
  15. Not sute if the lite-version here is free or not. Maybe you want to try?
  16. It's been a while since I used it, but if I remeber correctly, you can do it with virtualdub. I think "direct stream copy" (video & audio) keep the size the same. Look for "append avi".
  17. Look at W.A.I.T. Although it is used by a lot of UA members, you can easily use it on an apps-only CD. You can dump all your software on a CD/DVD and invoke W.A.I.T from the autorun file. In W.A.I.T you are able to select which programs to install. You can even create up to three pre-selection lists.
  18. I haven't worked with WPI yet, and I haven't used xplode in quite a while, but a BIG plus point for W.A.I.T is it's config-file-generator. A GUI program that generates the settings. No need for tutorials and no big learning curve.
  19. Thanks for the tip. Checking it out right now!
  20. Good advice. Go on and cast your vote on this poll.

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