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Would you believe "cheat codes" for Minesweeper?


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Well here is the cheat:

You can configure Minesweeper to display either a white or black pixel on screen, depending on if the cursor is over a mine (black) or not (white) by following these steps:

1. Start Minesweeper.

2. Type


then press Shift+Enter.

3. Minimize all windows and begin play.

The pixel in the top left-hand corner of the desktop will be black if the cursor is over a mine square or white if the cursor is over a safe square. This trick works on all versions of Minesweeper supplied with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 3.1.


(from the Windows XP and 2000 Tips, Tricks,... newsletter)

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I first heard of this cheat on the orginal "TechTV, Screensavers - Call for Help". (When Leo was still there, thoses where the days)

I got it to work - you have to have really good eyes, and make sure you have the screen on the "Screen": not going off the screen edegs. If you have a big mon - 19" or higher, try changing your Screen Res to 800X600 temp. :w00t:

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