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  1. Flash

    real hussein

    Lmao, thats funny, got a true meaing to it too
  2. They deserve to be shot!! lolol Their music is so crap!!
  3. Flash

    For Sale

    Nice server, if i had some money i would invest in that little beast
  4. Im gonna go see American Pie the wedding soon... They possibly might make another, normally 3 is the max though...
  5. Yeah, assign them to IE, then you will see them
  6. I do worry about you guys sometimes... 32nd?!
  7. Lolol... She's fit, but gets around alot :/
  8. Flash


    Ha ha, clever joke that
  9. Flash

    WTF is THIS?

    And tidy up ya desktop!! Its a mess son Did it work btw?
  10. Flash


    LMFAO, that is fecking funny!!
  11. Why is it all the VERY rich people are always scruffy looking, lol...
  12. Yeah, i dont mind him and im from the UK I prefer 50 Cent though
  13. Yeah, your right there Widnez... Especially the @lycos.com.
  14. Hmmmm, i dunno, can a NES play DVD's?!
  15. They are gay, i dont see why they got to do what they got to do Let us be FREE!!
  16. That is bloody stupid... Mind you though i wore a tie for school for 5 years... And my eyesight is dodgy, i do have to wear glasses sometimes :/
  17. Yeah, you can... You got to have 2 different seperate accounts and 2 msn's, so msn 5 and msn 6. Open them up, sign in with your individual accounts and your away...
  18. Flash, needed a gaming name and this has stuck with me.
  19. lolol... Looks like he smoked something and its upset him, lol... Seen the same symptoms with my mate
  20. Aye, its working now, i'll keep my eye on the site, looks alright
  21. Gamehead does have a point there, lol... Maybe try contacting the manufactor's...
  22. Rofl, thats well good!! Hope thats not the future of television though, it hurts me eyes, lol.
  23. Aye... what about a batch file on VB? C++ ya best option i'd say.

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