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  1. There is so much crap in those results that it pretty much makes them useless. I have 2 that I use to join wmv files. One is called wmvappend, which is a command line tool. Works pretty well. Another I use is ASFTools, which has a gui, and is a little easier to use. Neither is perfect, but what one can't get, the other usually does.
  2. [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword=password EncryptedAdminPassword=No AutoLogon=Yes AutoLogonCount=1 These are what I use for logging in. My best guess would be the password should be set to something, especially with the paranoia of win2003. This should also mean you don't need your autologon.reg too.
  3. I'm trying to sort a group of files using DIR, but when I come to files like file1, file2, file10, it sorts them like file1, file10, file2. Explorer in XP does it the way I want, and was wondering if anyone else could think of a way to do it.
  4. Each Framework is independent of each other. ie 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 When 1.1 came out, people needed both 1.0, and 1.1. After a while of time just 2.0 should be fine. The easiest way to find out is run your .NET programs under just 2.0, and if they work just use that. You will always be safe if you have all three versions installed.
  5. Your saying you don't want them to incorporate a chat feature while your burning stuff? Who wouldn't want this feature in thier burning software?
  6. Here is one I've used before. evil lyrics Pretty good, and its free.
  7. Check your keyboard connections. If you are on a KVM, then unplug it from the KVM, and plug it back in. Try pressing ctrl-alt-del twice, does the 2000 style login appear?
  8. I would assume it is getting hung up on a file. Change the REM commands to ECHO commands, to see where it seems to stop. Then you can narrow it down further by throwing more ECHO commands.
  9. Great points. I am more keyboard oriented, but the button idea is close enough. For you question, if you have tab mix plus, you can move the tab bar down. There is probably an option or a file you can edit to move it down, but since this is one of my essential extensions, I don't look that much further past it.Firefox took most of the preferences dialogs away, to make things less confusing for the user. I'd have to say I agree with them on that. I had having to wade through hundreds of options to find what I am looking for (ie Azureus). I go there for important things, and use about:config for the more hidden ones. One I am starting to like is the web developer extension. Lots of neat features that let me change the way a page looks, and to make sure it is working properly. Autofill is a feature I miss from IE on the Mac, or Google Toolbar. BugMeNot gets me past many a pages I shouldn't have to sign up for with the click of a button. ForecastFox, which I didn't think I would use but has been a pleasant suprise. I'm sure most of my other extensions have similar functionality in Opera. I'm sure there are many other extensions out there, but I don't use them until I have a need. If I find one that I like, then will try it out, and if I like it enough, it will go to my unattended cd. I still like the fact that I have extensions in Firefox, until Opera has them it has a long way to go IMHO. Looks like the UserJS is like userChrome in Firefox. Most people don't use it, but its still nice to have the option there. Firefox is much the same way. There is also a review process, to check for stability, and that nothing else is broken. You can either code this yourself, of ask about it on the forums. If enough interest is there, someone can do it for you, or one of the main developers will take it up. If you are new to coding then this is a great way for you to learn. If you think your code is bad, someone will be looking over it to make it faster.Only problem with the forums are the elitists. Every board has them, and can deter any noobs. *cough*eben*cough* Agreed. I know each browser has features I like, but when it came down to it Firefox was the clear winner for me. When Opera has their next major update, or Firefox gives me enough trouble; I will take another look at it. I will probably do the same for IE7, but it is playing catch up now. You're saying you're not? Half of your list is either opinion, or features I don't need. I have much better programs for half of them, so why would I need them build into my browser? At least you have someone like Zxian arguing your case, because you make Opera look bad, fanboi.
  10. I'm gonna have to disagree with you on the UI part. I'm sure you like to have 4 toolbars, but most of us don't. I'd also like to move my back, stop, forward buttons up to my menu bar buttons. I for the life of me can't find how to do it in Opera. You say that you can get rid of the menu bar, thats great, but what if I don't want to. Lets say I want to get rid of the Help Menu. I can do that in firefox, not in Opera. I can customize my right click, and get rid of everything that I don't want. You say I need extensions, but I don't, they just make it easier. Everything in Opera can be copied in Firefox, via editing files, or extensions. Firefox is an extremely powerful browser, you just need to know how to use it, much like IE. I think the biggest loss for Opera is extensiblility. There are extensions in firefox that I would love to have in other browsers. Maybe its because I haven't used Opera enough, but I don't see how to add an extension, or even the ability to if I wanted to make one. Firefox has passed the mom test for me. I got tired of going home to remove spyware, etc, so I put on firefox. She has had only one problem with it since she has had it. The look and feel of it is similar to IE out of the box. When I first saw Opera, I was wondering what half the buttons were. Fiddling around with it for a while, I couldn't get the look I wanted. I'm sure some people take the time here, but my mom would drop it in a heart beat. Then on top of all that, firefox is FREE and OPEN SOURCE. Every extension I've run into is the same way. Sure I can get Opera for free, but the reason I am switching to firefox is to get away from ads, not to see ones the browser wants me to see. If I don't like how something works, I have the option of changing it, to make it better, or how I see fit. You can request it for Opera, but that is at the developer's discretion. This might be a little more advanced for you, but for people like me, I like that option.
  11. If you are so scared of downloading illegal files, then don't do it. You don't need to download Longhorn, just like I don't need the money sitting in the 7-eleven cash register. If you are asking for help on how not to get caught, then I won't give it to you. The only way not to ever get caught is not to do it in the first place. So you know, your ISP knows everything you are doing. They usually don't care, until someone says they will sue them. When they present evidence that shows that it was most likely you, then they will investigate, and eventually shut you off. They can see where you go, and what you do. Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time.
  12. I keep both. Generally if something doesn't work in zoom, it will work in MPC. Also I use MPC for real and quicktime files. Those are the only two I use. Occasionally, I'll use WMP cause of their BS DRM, but that is just to grab keys for removal of DRM.
  13. This is usually cause by firefox not quitting properly. Open up task manager and look for firefox.exe. Kill all the processes, then reopen firefox. I've seen this problem when I load plugins, especially the adobe acrobat one. Only one that seems to ever really work properly is the quicktime one.
  14. Same as all the other versions. /S I also throw in a command to kill the browser windows, because it is not completely silent. One of the problems with the Nullsoft installers.

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