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[b]This script include:[/b]

1.Installation of PowerDVD v6.0.0.1102
2.Registration of program
3.Registration of packs:
[code]CPRM Pack
DTS 96/24 Pack
DTS Pack
DVD-Audio Pack
MPEG4 AVC Pack[/code]4.Installation of Patch Build 1417 or newer

Have fun :thumbup

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Hm... I wonder why no one created one for Photoshop... so many people are having problems unattending it etc.. well here's my contribution hope it helps let me know if something goes wrong :).

Photoshop CS and ImageReady CS setup (default configuration) + activation canceled...

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XoftSpy 4.13

Mass downloader 3.1

Vypress chat 2.0

Daemon tool 3.47

K-lite codec pack 2.50 full [color="red"][b]!!updated!![/b][/color]

nVidia graphic drivers 71.84

maybe they would be usefull to someone ;)

Edited by maniaq
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[b]File for Prassi ONES 2.0.300[/b]
Script v1.1

Script for IHMO, the best cd/dvd burning app out there. Should work for future versions. Edited by 1chaoticadult
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[quote name='maniaq' date='Jun 2 2005, 03:50 PM']Daemon tool 3.47
Here's a better srcipt I wrote quite some time ago. it includes the renaming of the driver's name, because the original ones might have conflict with some protected games.
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