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  1. Ok i just deleted the appswitch.dat file and the ini. and renamed the .new to .dat and is working fine now. After finally getting it to open I see the help tabs. Not sure if there was much of anything in the xml since it was my first time trying. but will remember to upload it if it happens again. Planing on doing some real work with this during the upcoming weekend. Thank you for all your hard work P.S. Just kinda of an after thought/ suggestion maybe mention this procedure on the first post until you can get this bug worked out.
  2. I am having the same problem as Ferdinand1, which of course led me to look here to see if I missed the guide on how to use this. I don't see one and was wondering about the chance of at least getting a basic getting started guide? something that list necessary software/files etc.
  3. Ok yeah that does help. guess I did my initial work on the wrong one. Now i can get to work doing it right. Thanks
  4. OK, you right, first Features.txt was definitely not Ultimate. Good Catch, future readers take note, be sure to set the correct Image Index #. That's a Deal-Breaker Ladies Let me know if it works this time. Ok what did i miss, cause I don't see any mention of which image Index is which, other then here that says 4 is Ultimate .
  5. I too would like to voice my interest. Doubt I could be of much help in development other then a tester. But figured I should show my support
  6. As I see this project is for the most part dead, does anyone know of anything that is actively being worked on for win 7. Saw something about win 7 integrator, but looks like that is dead as well. And before the many people who like to say do a search, I looked over a few pages of post. And honestly not sure how I can do a more precise search with out at least a name. Thank you
  7. IS this list still considered good? Ive be away for sometime ( my custom xp running great until recently) And getting 7. don't want to go as lite as some, would like to be sure about this list Thanks
  8. Not sure if this is right place for this. I have installer made with setup factory that I would like to install silently. But the switches /S /W do not work. and cant unpack it so far. It was made with setup Factory 7. tried USSF doesn't reconize it. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thank you Not sure if i can attach the file as it might violate the rules.
  9. Actually I had the same problem about a yr ago. IE7 install creates a log and reports exactly which file is causing the problem i believe the log should be in the windows folder. it actually should tell you at some point where it stores the log file I don't remember at this time, but check your windows folder or your temp folder
  10. Actually you should be able to get that from MS. I don't have alink at the moment but if you look around you should be able to find it. And it's free. Unless they stop this it has been a couple of years since I last did it.
  11. Is it me or does anyone else have problems getting this to work as an add-on for nlite. I make the install fine, and it works silently just by running the file created by SOF. But if I make a cab and run it that way none of my personalizations install. just a default version of FF and TB.
  12. it only takes away mark 7-zip if you already self-extract with the silent install command will have an archive inside example: made self-extract with winrar I think you are misunderstanding. I am getting the same message. I made a silent install with winrar, and all I need to do is make it into a cab. so I uncheck the 7zip box as there is no need for it. and when I go to make the file it give that error and will not make the cab. Is this by design?
  13. same here also says error 53 I found thread about beta 2 and applied the patch for that and everything works fine now. Might want to add the patch to the next release. Thanks for the hard work to help us lazy people out.
  14. Hi Actually very simple just download and install the extension IE tab view the page in an IE tab then right click should give you the Adobe options. Not sure if it works tho never actually used, just notice the option is there. If doesn't work maybe send request to extension maker to look into it.
  15. simple answer choice 1. In all honesty you shouldn't even be asking this question. You don't need comparison, just bother to find out what the L2 cache is. and your question is answered.
  16. Man this is the greatest Thank you soooo Much !!. But I have to ask, and it's been asked before, but did not find a definitive answer. Is there a way to get this to work for thunderbird ? One thing i did notice is, my toolbar customizations do not get saved. where would that be stored? Thx again for the hard work you have put into this.
  17. You know I had the same happen with antivir around the same time as this thread started, I assumed it was a false positive, ( can't remember if I submitted to them or not) but with the lastest version and current update, and heuristics turned to max, still no hit. So if you are still getting this then you do need to update. Antivir does get a lot of false positives with heuristics turned above low
  18. Sorry to bring back an old thread but in looking at this I noticed two things and this may be useful for other proggies 1 All three files do not have the same category. WPI will probably not worry about the order with default settings. (someone correct me if I am wrong) 2 You should change the dependency on the 7.0.2 update to depend on the 7.0.1 update as well as Acrobat. Fixing number 1 would probably solve your problem. Although Ghost suggestion is probably the best way to do it.
  19. Does the reg file that WPI.cmd run re-enable the security warnings? Because I wouldn't want to leave .exe,.zip ,etc as lowrisk?
  20. disregard figured it out myself. ( can we delete post our own stupid post ? )
  21. I could be wrong but I think you are missing the (-s) in front of the (-F2) and don't point it to the iss file just have that in the folder with the setup file. example being "%cdrom%\install\AudioUtl\Setup.exe -s -f2\"%systemdrive%\Audio.log\"" /f this is for an install from cd of course but same principle The iss file in in the AudioUtl folder. and runs automatically when you use the -s switch
  22. From the description, i am assumeing that this would contain updates not available thru windows update or MS update. Following that line of thought, it would have updates that are not included in RyanVM's right?
  23. nujackk

    Unable to boot

    Ok problem solved, but I will explain furthur. Using Xpize 3.1 on xp pro sp2 (Included not Slipstreamed) Prior to Saturday, when I would try to boot to safe mode, all I would get is blue xpize screen. Nothing else. no login screen etc. I assumed this had something to due with the fact that safe mode reverts to 256 color 8 bit or lower ( never really paid enough attention). Meant to get around to reporting as a bug. But to day upgraded my video card. And this became a bigger problem, as windows reverts to 256 or less until the new drivers are installed, ( which doesn't happen until after login) So all I could get was the blue screen ( and not the BSOD) After trying to replace the shell32.dll and msgina.dll, and ntoskrnl.exe. At my wits end. gave one last try before giving up and probably having to wait until Tuesday and reload system. Turns out the Login screen is there just unseen. I hit tab enter until the "did you forget your password bubble popped up. Then just entered password enter ( Still just a blue screen ) and then system finished booting. Needless to say uninstalled the logon patch from Xpize.

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