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  1. hmmm that's strange I slipstreamed sp3 on sp0 with nlite in windows xp and still I had to enter that cd-key...
  2. hi, I've just tried "Microsoft.Windows.Vista.Service.Pack.1.x86.Build.6001.17042" release with vLite 1.1beta2 and I have to say that it works great.
  3. yeah.... like it says is the topic
  4. i think you mixed up the version in the title it's not
  5. user account protection is disabled, but i can't find compatibility option
  6. hi, i can't install vmware workstation v6.0.0.45731 on my vlited vista home basic any suggestions? tnx
  7. my english is not that well to understand everything...besides i thought that ratings were somewhere in the system information...
  8. what not to remove to keep windows experience index, so that i could rate my system? tnx
  9. hi, i turn me pc into the sleep mode and when i wake him up i can't connect to the internet.then i have 2 ways to do it 1 - reset local network adapter 2 - restart my pc i'm using vista home basic edition, use a cable to connect to the internet and i don't use a router. so i need help to solve this problem.tnx
  10. can you make one with no media library as previuosly? tnx
  11. is there any difference between languages: 0 and 1033 for AVI's, Icons. Bitmaps?? (i use english version of windows) tnx
  12. hi, what file contains this icon here: tnx
  13. hi mazin, i just wanna know what theme do yu use here: tnx
  14. thank yu, yu saved my life
  15. hi, i'm getting this very strange problem with my keyboard on my laptop. the problem is this: (who uses laptop will know this: if yu want to write for example "*" will push Fn+P or if yu want to write "5" will push Fn+I) so when i install my nLited windows, open a txt file and write, for example: "home" it writes "h60e", if i want to write it correctly i need to push and hold "Fn" button, which is not normal. ps. on original windows it works as it should. i did a whole bunch of testing and i noticed that nLite does this problem. i attached two last session files, 1-st is when my keyboard worked fine, 2-nd when it worked bad. ps. i don't remove languages or keyboards so maybe anyone would know what i'm doing wrong. please, i need to know.. i know this problem sound very strange but i tried to explain the easiest i could.
  16. I really wish people wouldn't express their personal opinions as if they were facts... but that's just me. whatever.... btw why are topics like are even created there are just useless... if yu want to know what is the best browser for yu - just test it yourself....
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