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  1. AntiVir Switches

    setup.exe /SILENT @NO_SCAN this works for me .
  2. AutoIT Script Collection - Contributions Only

    [quote name='maniaq' date='Jun 2 2005, 03:50 PM']Daemon tool 3.47 [attachment=6772:attachment] [right][post="330406"][/post][/right][/quote] Here's a better srcipt I wrote quite some time ago. it includes the renaming of the driver's name, because the original ones might have conflict with some protected games.
  3. New version of 7-zip (4.20)

    it's the case since at least the 5 last 7zip betas
  4. Slipstreaming *.exe Drivers?

    WinRAR DOES extract most of the .exe'packed drivers, such as Nvidia's (forceware & nForce), VIA's, SIS's and even some of Microsoft's just right-click your file, if it can be uncompressed, you should see the usual extract options
  5. re: kb885835 & kb885250

    thanks for the batch. worked flawlessly on my pc
  6. there are some things that need to be fixed. "common files" folder is not named "common files" on every each system (language dependant). you should consider adding the possibility to set the name of "common files" in your script's options. same goes for "start menu" (for sure it's the main problem for those who have problem with shortcuts creation). some shortcuts aren't created (those who are in a subfolder, nero toolkit's ones, for example). this happens because their subfolder is not previously created. great job anyway edit: oops, had not read what digitalfrost had said. but that doesn't make what i said irrelevant (especially about "start menu").
  7. How-to: Integrate And Shrink Nero + Nve

    @vcBlackBox: you should consider changing the default output directory for your script. there might be some people around who don't use english versions of windows and those people might be quite puzzled when there's no file to be found after the completion of your script. I'm using Windows French edition and "Desktop" dir is called "Bureau". your script produces some file only if i create a "desktop" dir in my profile dir. and by the way, language pack integration would be a good thing to add.

    +1 unless adding plugins, extensions, themes and/or profile, repacking firefox setup is now useless since they fixed the error that prevented the installer to run "properly" with -ms command line switch
  9. Nvidia Driver Delete Some Files

    tested and working on forceware 71.84 WHQL. nice job !
  10. Help witrh AutoIt v3

    wouldn't this be more simple ? Send("!a")
  11. AVICodec switch?

    nullsoft installer: /S
  12. Autoit script if function help

    syntax changed a little since that
  13. thunderbird 1.0 silent install

    they did. but as graysky said, the latest builds of their setup program is bugged and keeps freezing at the same point (install dir screen, as far as i remember)
  14. Alcohol 120%

    don't you think it's already been discussed around here ?
  15. wait 15 sec ?

    http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/downloads.htm scroll down a little, and take a look at sleep.exe