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Microsoft AntiSpyware Version: 1.0.501

[code]AutoItSetOption("TrayIconHide", 1)
AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)
WinWaitActive("Microsoft AntiSpyware", "This computer program is protected")
WinWaitActive("Microsoft AntiSpyware", "accept the terms in the license agreement")
WinWaitActive("Microsoft AntiSpyware", "Click Next to install to this folder")
WinWaitActive("Microsoft AntiSpyware", "The wizard is ready to begin installation")
WinWaitActive("Microsoft AntiSpyware", "The installation wizard has successfully installed")

Rename the installer as "MSantispy.exe," then compile this .au3 script and run from the same directory. For Win2K and WinXP, works nicely from RunOnceEx.
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File for the newly released SpywareBlaster 3.3 which does not support silent installs.

This script installs the software, checks for updates and times out nicely if no network connection is available then it activates all the protections.

If you are interested in details about how it works read on:

I had to resort to mouse clicking at screen coordinates and checking pixel colors as I couldn't get the usual control activiation functions to work.

I scaled everything with the @DesktopWidth and @DesktopHeight macros so it should theoretically work for any resolution. I also detected reactions in the windows over an 11 by 11 pixel area that is also centered based on the aforementioned macros.

However, I've only tested it at 1280 x 1024 with 32 bit color. I have every reason to believe it will work at any resolution and color depth but I only tested it at what I had my desktop set to.

One minor improvement could be made by detecting when the update download starts and killing the Internet Detection Progress bar as soon as the download starts. With my connection it flashes by so fast I barely notice :D

On a really slow connection it might take longer to download than the 15 seconds it takes to time out if there is no internet connection which would show greater than 100% on the progress bar numerical display. As this is a cosmetic flaw unlikely to be encountered in realistic use I didn't bother to kill the progress bar the instant a connection is found and downloading of updates commences. I think the real solution is to elimnate the progress bar but then if you don't have internet you are left staring at an apparently frozen screen for 15 seconds or so with no feedback.

Anyway, it's my first AutoIt script and I'm amazed at how well it came out despite all the difficulty trying to directly access the GUI controls of the SpywareBlaster installer. This is pretty nicel little GUI scripting widget.

Max L.

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Script that asks for a name and then opens up Account manager in Control Panel to create it.


I had some trouble finding an easy way of making the default account name flexible until I came up with this idea. Try it :)

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