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  1. I would say open the iso file in UltraISO and use the write disk image. It sets up the a sd card or usb thumbdrive properly without all the steps. Then afterwards reboot your pc and set the usb driver or sd card as the first boot device. Done. At least that's how I do it. I loaded 3 build of Windows 7 like this without issue.
  2. I think this is the official wallpaper. I just installed Windows 7 Build 7232 and this is the wallpaper I have instead of the beta fish.
  3. Cool. I will try it myself. Thanks amit.
  4. I would try Acronis Disk Director. It is better than Partition Magic and should work on Vista. I haven't tried yet though.
  5. ok, i'll try. resource hog is probabably not the correct term.. I do an extreme amount of file move / copy / delete operations, and this type of activity seemed slow. once i killed the symantec real time proccesses , this again went smoothly. since i switched to NOD32, i dont expererience these slowdowns which to me, were very annoying. I wont go back to symantec simply because i am quite pleased with NOD32's performance and ability, which, in my opinion, matches symantecs.shark I switched to NOD32. Alot better than Symantec. I now see why u switched.
  6. universal extractor it what you need to extract. it is here in these forums. search for it. as far repacking, you need wise installer professional which costs money. You can repack it using inno setup which is free but it wouldn't be a wise installer though.
  7. Well ok I will hopefully fix it and reupload it again. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate that. I took the file temporary. I will reupload in a few.
  8. This a silent installer I made for the newly released IE7. I need people to test it and see if it works. It should work but I just want feedback to make sure it does. Enjoy my fellow msfners. I'm taking this down. I can't get the installer to work because of Microsoft's WGA. Oh well I tried. If I get it to work, I will repost.
  9. Advanced users could just extract files from the setup program, delete the unneeded nsis files and put the folder in the program files directory and create a shortcut to it.
  10. 1st of all, my instruction applied to a Corporate version, you are using CE. 2nd, the /passive switch requires windows installer 3.0 or greater. If the passive switch isnt accepted by whatever version of windows you are using, try /qb as a replacement. 3rd, I stopped using Symantec because, in my experience, it was a resource hog i could do without. I've personally switched to NOD32 for my antivirus needs. shark Shark you said symantec was resource hog. I failed to see this. Could you explain this a little more? I'm just curious.
  11. Or you could just exact files from the installer and copy the files to a dir.
  12. maybe you are right , it is only up to the user it self , for me i use batch scripting , so it is easy to add some extra lines .. and that maybe hard for someone else .. But, do i have to use the MST file with the EDITIED edition of the MSI ?? to get it not to restart ??? No...Use the mst with the original msi file. That was my point. I dealt with this for a while. Batch scripting scares people away I seen many times. People can deal with switches better than batch scripts (not all cases though). I could do both but currently i prefer this method.
  13. I use this method all time but put everything in one big sfx and works beautifully. I try to stay away from apps that need installation although I have a few that need it and I don't mind that. I don't use reg files except for Registration Info and Tweaks. Apps I install using this method: Audio Editor Gold, CCleaner, ConvertXToDVD, DVD Region+CSS Free, Exact Audio Copy, Frostwire, jv16 PowerTools 2006, Kega Fusion (Emulator), MagicISO, MP3Gain, nLite, Openoffice, Opera, PC Wizard, Project64 (Emulator), Registry Workshop, RyanVM Integrator, Tag&Rename, WinHex, WinRAR, ZSNES (Emulator), DirectShow Filter Manager, Media Player Classic, uTorrent, XN Resource Editor, Codecs (MSFN Codec Pack) and more to come.
  14. I'm Searching for it .. and about the mandatory reboot , there is no way out of it .. just reboot when you finish all by running the 'avp.exe' .. and i think if u unattendly install your profile , and activation key , there will be no post install wizard With all respect sir , there will be updates to the program , and it is easier to use switches and batches than editing every single release that comes up .. And there is other thing , the edited MSI file rebooted as well for me .. it didn't differ than original one and i didn't manage to edit the MSI myself as the post maker explained ( with all respect to him ) I know there will be updates and the mst file can apply to the msi file easily. It silently installs until avp.exe runs for the first time. This is understood. We are using switches to apply the mst and silently the app. Pay attention to the post before saying our method doesn't work. Most people successfully silently install the app. Scripts are fine but most newbies don't want extra things to silently install an app. Our method is more user-friendly.
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