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  1. Which is better to slipstream SP3 on: XP.0 or XP.SP2?

    hmmm that's strange I slipstreamed sp3 on sp0 with nlite in windows xp and still I had to enter that cd-key...
  2. Windows Vista SP1 RC1 Build 17042.v658

    hi, I've just tried "Microsoft.Windows.Vista.Service.Pack.1.x86.Build.6001.17042" release with vLite 1.1beta2 and I have to say that it works great.
  3. Vista SP1 Beta is out on connect!

    yeah.... like it says is the topic
  4. Nero Lite v7.11.10.0 & v8.3.13.0

    i think you mixed up the version in the title it's not
  5. i can't install vmware workstation 6

    user account protection is disabled, but i can't find compatibility option
  6. hi, i can't install vmware workstation v6.0.0.45731 on my vlited vista home basic any suggestions? tnx
  7. windows experience index

    my english is not that well to understand everything...besides i thought that ratings were somewhere in the system information...
  8. windows experience index

    what not to remove to keep windows experience index, so that i could rate my system? tnx
  9. hi, i turn me pc into the sleep mode and when i wake him up i can't connect to the internet.then i have 2 ways to do it 1 - reset local network adapter 2 - restart my pc i'm using vista home basic edition, use a cable to connect to the internet and i don't use a router. so i need help to solve this problem.tnx
  10. [discontinued] Winamp AudioPlayer

    can you make one with no media library as previuosly? tnx
  11. Sun Java Runtime Environment

    i'm having the same problem