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nLite - Windows reduction tool


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I've checked xpcreate installation 2x and all updates are correct size. After nLite reducing i get the same three updates needed in windows update as Nemesis300.



826939 (Rollup)

I install the three updates and reboot and windows update still tells me i need those three updates again reboot again..... I try with sp2

I removed all apart from experimental and winnt32 text support.

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@Nemesis300, yes...i mean if you have problems try without xpcreate and tell me did that fixed it...if it did i need to fix that, nlite must be compatible with xpcreate because many of you are using it.

haha, compatible?

I know the rollup comes back if you remove certain components. Same with 828026.

WU update check for the files that are updated by the Rollup. Since it include many updates, it checks all those, and if one is missing, it lists the Rollup as the update to apply as it is the most recent.

These are the ones I know will make the Rollup appear again.

Automatic Updates

System Restore

MS Agent


Files and Settings Wizard

Indexing Service

oh it's not just the entries. If you factor in the hotfixs and they're files....and how WU checks, you'll run into some trouble. I'd suggest finding out which components CAUSE the problem, and don't worry about fixing it. In under 2 months, it's going to be a mute point anywayz.

Ah...MS Agent is one of the components I am removing, so that could be causing RollUp to appear, since I am not removing system restore or autoupdate.

I agree with Alanoll, nuhi I wouldn't worry about fixing it at the moment (SP2 =x), but maybe we can help identify what components if removed will cause certain updates to reappear in WinUpdates. Then people will know if they remove certain components then winupdate will change. I'll test the MS agent and other items Alanoll listed with my xpcreate image, but first I am going to run a nLite only image and see if I still get the IE/OE problem.

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@Alanoll, right, right...going to see it these days even though i'll have to downgrade my install.

@LeoKesler, going to check it out, someone else reported bugs with system restore. Fix will be available tomorrow.

@Nemesis300, ok great, and let us know the outcome of the recommended test.

@Markymoo, you removed all...cool...try without msagent and services if you are willing, it's not easy for me to reinstall windows, then i need to pause nlite upgrades but these days i'll too join you on the hotfixes adventure.

edit: I just tested the new version with all the options selected just to see will it work and new record was reached...(windows+documents and settings) are 299MB after install :)

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OK, I'd forgotten the WIN51SP1 file, as nuhi pointed out.

Re-build the .iso, burned, installed, everything seems to be fine now!

Still fine-tuning, but ..an AMAZING app nuhi!!

Many thanks! :)

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And what about that theme...i get things like that with some themes...not only in nlite, everywhere...am i doing something wrong...maybe bigger button will help ?

im using the uxtheme.dll patch, it could be something with that, also, if u wanna make the buttons bigger, and send me a test copy ill see if the prob is the buttons are 2 small?

thanks :)

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i also think i maybe spotted a few bugs..

when i right click my drive © goto properties, disk cleanup, it still functions

also, when i goto remove windows components, in add remove progs. accessories

things are exact same size as on my regular xp install, r they just icons? cuz the size isnt that big... (same as regular install tho)



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i dont think so, as they are deleted, if u removed something that u want back, just copy over your XP cd 2 your hdd again and start fresh, keeping backups of stuff like your .sif file and any commands or anything u made

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Is possible to reinstall the original components in a reduced XP ?

By example, the original drivers for printers or modem drivers ?

only remove the components that u're sure of that u wouldnt need anymore... i think its kinda safe to remove the drivers as they come with ever piece of hardware anyways...

But be careful while removing system components as i dont think they can be bought back to life in the same install.....


hmm for a suggestion that's been luring me for a while.. i think u should make some option, some extra app or a different section in the nLite itself that allows us to REINSTALL the apps that we had previously deleted from the source....

Like i mean, suppouse we removed OE from our install, then we install.. now if someday i need OE back ! i cant (pls dont mention install IE 6 again, say its something that only installs with xp, eg systemrestore etc) SOO, now what wud be the ideal scenario is that i fire nLite again , goto that diff section and select to reinstall OE, now what nLite does is it asks me for the UNMODIFIED xp cd, and it restores the files from it, and voila ! i got my OE back.. yeehaaa :):

get it ?? something like this... i know this wont be possible for all the removed components, but still even a few can be bought back.. it'd be something great...

What say everyone ??? :rolleyes:

Atleast its worth a try i say, cuz xplite have something like this already.. i know as theirs is a post install method it's not that difficult for them, but wooa, look who we got on our side ?? NUHI NUHI :D

Lets see what everyone gotta say abt this.. :D



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Actually, I would prefer an option that saves the removed files in folder saved after the component. The program has to search for the registry entries, so save those to a hive file. All the files, and INFs, and the sections removed from txtsetup.sif and dosnet.inf.

That would probally helpt o facilitate adding the components back, but I personally, it's just I don't want the stuff to be installed and removed from the source, but I still want the files.

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- Ran nLite on regular XPSP1 CD using the recommended removal list drop down option still has IE and OE shortcuts missing, but IE/OE are installed. See pic


- Ran nLite on XPCREATE image with MS Agent not removed still shows 826939 (Rollup) and 835732 as not installed. Also IE and OE shortcut problem is there.

Anyone else having IE/OE shortcut problem or are all of you removing IE and OE :) ?

Next I'll try not removing Alanoll's Suspected: Files and Settings Wizard and Indexing Service.

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Suggestion for new item for removal

in Program files, there is a folder called "Online Services" that isnt needed, wont save much, if any, because its only links but i find it annoying and a waste of a folder :D lol

ill just remove the directory during install if u dont decide 2 add it tho :) so either way its all good :rolleyes:

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edit: I just tested the new version with all the options selected just to see will it work and new record was reached...(windows+documents and settings) are 299MB after install

u get 299MB after install? how ? my xp cd is about 170MB (just for xp) then about 130 for programs

i get about 1GB used... how is yours so low?

thanks :)

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