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nLite - Windows reduction tool


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lol, cuz he just counted his windows and docs folder not program files  Lol..

i misread what he said, but thats still small, my windows folder + docs and settings are like 600MB and i have about 90% of nLites options selected,

everything except video & sound drivers & scsi drivers & wordpad, and terminal service

Edit, the windows folder on my regular XP install is almost 2GB , so it does save an emense amount of room (i have the exact same stuff on my vmware unattended install as i do my regular xp, so i can be sure its all gonna play nice together)


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I found the error with the rpc...

the dhcp client didn't start automatically... ? WHY?

DHCP works fine here, starts auto

Edit: I HOPE u didnt remove any critical services, like Terminal Services or Distributed Transaction Coordinator ? these may play an impact on allowing yer services 2 function properly

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@Datalore, 130MB...it seems that Com+ component which is added to 0.94 if removed around 50mb is less installed...going to see can all that be removed from the cd also or it was just good compressed.

@CBC, super

@MCT, me too...it's just weird, with Opus OS 1.5 i don't get such anomalies, but many other themes does.

I'll see when it seems fixed i'll send it to you.

Add/Remove...oh, you mean you removed Desktop Wallpers but i forgot to remove them from there...noted, thanx

About Online Services...ok, i'll put it to the list, no problem, it's just i still haven't worked on the way of deleting empty folders so try to ignore that tiny annoyance.

About Windows folder size...go and delete Dllcache and the most important, i'm speeking of bare Windows, meaning no updates. Try it in VMware without anything installed and you'll get similiar results with 0.93, around 330-340MB.

@LeoKesler, well, it is possible, but for some it needs special switches, they can be found in infs which calls them...toughest part is when dll calls it, like oobe.

I reinstalled modem drivers at my friend..just extracted mdm* to some dir then pointed device manager update there, chosen specific modem, then it asked me few times for files from full cd.

@Alanoll & Jazz, ok, so option to save separately every component in it's own dir is no problem...maybe just to extract it so all you need to do is right click the inf and press Install....that would work in 80% cases. The other 20% you ask here until i remove so much stuff that i don't have anything else to do then put them back :)

@Nemesis300, ok, don't bother, obviously there is a problem, but it only bugs me because it's not so common so it will be difficult to pin-point, let me know if you discover what helps for you.

@bOrG, my every service works perfectly...try nLite preset, it's what i use + some language options...it reduces enough and you'll be safe.

edit:@Farch...still haven't found a time to implement it...wait few more versions, i'm working on autodetecting every component so i don't need to work on "if xp enable firewall, if not remove firewall :rolleyes:"

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About Windows folder size...go and delete Dllcache and the most important

thats a good tip, i never thought of doing that :)

anything else u have stored up yer sleaves that save lots of room :D ?

thanks :rolleyes:

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hehhehehe, ok that was funny.. hmm, regarding the 0.94 i dint see it uploaded it yet..and where are the presets ?? how do u use them.. i cant see any opion to select or enable any presets..

Pls shed some light

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@MCT, well...open the nLite :)

@Jazz...0.94 is still under development, fixing system restore bug, it is there and kicking my patience.

Presets...well...open component tree and it's in the upper right corner.

@BeenThereB4, ok, thanx that's useful if someone don't choose to disable sfc.

Main problem is where to and what instructions to put in infs to delete folders on first boot or maybe even sooner.

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Here is a thing i've been working on.

Mainly, it's a little bit of a slipstreamer, customizer, reducer and iso creator all in one package.

Works for every version of Windows XP installation, so far tested up to slipsteamed SP2 build 2135.

To avoid confusion, this is for pre-installation, not like XPlite which is post installation customizer.

This is something like 98lite or jdeboeck's scripts.

It's written in C# (.NET) so you will need Framework to run it.

i have tried this 5 times, each on other way, also install Framework, and every time the image does not shrink 1 bit at all, i have tried recommended, nlite, sellect all, "higher compression CAB"

every time when nlite is ready with create iso i see it is 508 MB

i am using a dutch XP Proffesional, is this still the problem ? or am i doing something wrong? :rolleyes:

please note there is no SP2 aviable for dutch XP :)

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@ SolidasRock

After choosing the components u want to remove, did u choose "make iso", or did u klick "next" in menue "custom file List" before u choose "make iso"?

I ask, because reducing ur files is not a part of "make iso". Its a seperate step, u have to execute choosing "next" ( and after that "start") in "custom file list"

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