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  1. buffer in hdd's + ide cable

    The 8mb cache will be used no matter what configuration the drive is in. It will improve performance, so putting games on there is a good thing. About the cables, have you tried Google? Pricewatch.com? NewEgg?
  2. Ranking

    We already have a resident post whore, he goes by the name of XtremeMac.
  3. AND1 Scripterz - Online Forum

  4. Derren Brown

    I would never mess with that kind of stuff...
  5. Vmware or Virtual PC

    VirtualPC. Why? VMWare attacks your OS and integrates itself everywhere. Who said I wanted 3 new "virtual" network cards installed? Why is it running 3 processes when the program isn't even open? Why does it have to mess with internal settings?
  6. nLite - Windows reduction tool

    Getting rid of "Allow Indexing service to ..." would involve editing shell files, which goes beyond the scope of nLite. Windows was not designed to have that service removed, which is why it sticks around even after you remove it.
  7. nLite - Windows reduction tool

    Yeah Famer, but as the size goes down so does the functionality...
  8. nLite - Windows reduction tool

    Yeah I expect I'll be able to open up explorer, but that's about it. Let's shoot for a 100 mb ISO! My report Disclaimer: I have not read the past 30 pages, these bugs may have been reported, or they may be due to the fact that I removed EVERYTHING -No errors during nLite usage or during XP installation, boots to the desktop in VirtualPC just fine -Iso size: 120 megs -Windows folder size: 287 megs -8 processes (Disabled a bunch relating to network) -The "Backup" system tool is not removed, seems like a great candidate for removal -The "Synchronize" tool is still there, probably could be removed as well -Folders of removed components remain in the \Windows directory (there's probably not much you can do about this) What exactly is the ASMS folder on the XPCD? Has anybody tried to remove it and install? Edit #16 I used Bold_Fortune's batch files to remove more files... down now to 211 199 meg Windows folder.
  9. nLite - Windows reduction tool

    Great job nuhi! ISO is now down to 120 megs. I'm off to VirtualPC to test it...
  10. nLite - Windows reduction tool

    That's awesome! How big was the ISO?
  11. Longhorn? Any good?

    sulphurine, don't tell him to STFU. He said he doesn't know anything about Longhorn, he's just curious. @ thread starter, check MSDN Longhorn for a bunch of info, and sites like www.longhornblogs.com.
  12. milk and cereal

    Stop. Bumping. 10. old. threads. at. one. time.
  13. some Landscape picture

    He used that Maya or Bruce3D program, I can't remember which. They're nice ...