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  1. yes thanks. it don't do system partition. good luck to them.
  2. This is a good way, use this in the WINNT.SIF ProfilesDir="D:\Documents and Settings\" all the accounts and there personal data get saved to another partition. you have to ensure D in the example or whatever partition you use is created beforehand in XP blue installation.
  3. Hi all you need to do is edit and and change the name text. It that easy. @DarkProphecy If you willing to switch to another very reliable imaging software which is also the fastest then just get Drive Snapshot and Drive Snap. The ASR will make your life a whole lot easier. The Ghost project here is a custom one and i have moved on from that.
  4. This project has now been abandoned because i been working on something far better for recovery. Drive Snap including Automatic System Recovery that uses Drive Snapshot. It not a problem to create a recovery disk generally although for some it is. Even if you have a recovery it is not automated. Drive Snap does make it automated and takes it further by being able to restore the image from anywhere. You do nothing. That's a big convenience comfort in itself. Drive Snap does it for you! Whether you a beginner struggling its a boon, or whether your an advanced user or a lazy type it's a boon. I
  5. If you didn't follow exactly to the letter something may of gone wrong. I not sure what may be wrong in your case. I had plans to improve it in the coming months. In the meantime why don't you check out my other recovery menu. recover.exe which loads a boot.ini menu using grub4dos (which is an improvement on the ghost menu) which is at my new forum here I was messaged that the USB Fixed Disk Driver link was down so try this driver. http://www.eeepcapps.com/uploads/xpfildrvr1224_320.zip
  6. All Here's a new link to the image to do it all in the tutorial which is now up and running again.
  7. you can have more than 4 partitions if you convert your drive from basic to dynamic in disk management
  8. Hello Mark, I am back, been off the scene awhile. The domain subscription had ended so the link went down. I post an iso and possibly better way soon. Regards
  9. I wasn't sure where to stick this article. I wanted to automate a back and restore feature. I liked the idea of the dell secret partition so i did something similar also its easy to complicate things more than necessary when it comes to boot management. I seen people struggling getting there head around booting so i hope this helps. This is what i have done. Your drive boots up and you have 2 menu options from boot.ini one loads your o/s the other option loads up a ghost menu enabling you to backup(including check image integrity) and restore images of your o/s usually xp from a logical 3rd pa
  10. yes this site is like BlackVipers old service site http://www.speedyvista.com/services.html my service list beats that sites service tweaks. on that site on tweaked and bare minimal settings they are still 15 services running compared to my 10 plus alot of my services are disabled you wont need at all.
  11. my bare minimum services for home user for internet on ethernet. this will speedup vista alot. lots of services turned off with only 10 automatic services running and alot disabled. you can get it down to 8 if you dont need automatic updates. disable Background Intelligent Transfer Service and Windows Update to do this. alot services set on manual so if they needed they will start. so in all about 20 services running in total. if you only have 1 gig of memory to run vista this will give good speed up. services such as readyboost are better turned off. both pictures the same. just listed differ
  12. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=93421
  13. @jaclaz ok apologies, i got it touring the web. i got it from the linux community like kde or gentoo if i can remember right. some here grub splash screens http://schragehome.de/splash/ http://www.schultz-net.dk/grub.html if your using linux heres a easy way to convert a image to grub format. it easy it just like the same way for cdshell. you cant get above 14 colours, it uses some form of vesa.it easy to convert a image to 640x480 you need gzip and imagemagick http://www.imagemagick.org/script/index.php and gimp http://www.gimp.org/ Quoted 1. Start the GIMP. 2. Click on File->New or
  14. yes i agree with you. but this is the newbie guide. the splash image i got off the web, is that a trick question because it has softpedia burnt into the background of the image.
  15. just use a generic usb driver, theres quite a few around. you need these Usbport.sys Usbhub.sys Hccoin.dll Usbehci.sys or just find out your manufacturer
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