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  1. http://www.321download.com/LastFreeware/pa...onal%20Firewall
  2. lol..it's amazing what a quick look at drive properties will show yah!
  3. Hi guys I installed the Vista Drive option just to see what it was, but am not seeing anything different than before. Can someone hand me a Clue Stick?
  4. what iceman said. You either have more than one hdd or another device attached when you installed Windows, hence the non-C volume designation. I always disconnect my secondary drives , install the OS, then reconnect them.
  5. LOL..yah well...seeing as I don't need to access the patcher very often, I think I will just stay cheap & turn off Avast if the need arises cheers,
  6. alright, well having to keep manually shut down my PC each time finally got to me, so last night I wiped the drive & reinstalled my Nlited XP Pro/SP3 & got my ACPI working correctly. I also re-installed VistaPack BEFORE any A/V interference, patched, selected extras, and rebooted, all good. AND I read thru the Helpfile!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN run the Patcher, but ONLY if I turn off my Avast Home Edition (free) A/V first. I tried to write a rule to exculde the vistapack.exe, so I no longer get the virus warning, but now get this error I would really like to avoid having to pay for a/v if possible . Any way to get a workaround?
  7. Decided to leave things as is & just put up w/ my PSU shutoff issue, so no-reinstall at this time. I gotta say Damian, this VistaPack is SWEEET looking! Everything just POPs now. Very nice!
  8. Damian No worries. I should have written down the error msg in the first place & asked the question then, before trying to muck around with it . I seem to be having some weird ACPI issues (XP won't shut down on command , just restarts again) so I need to wipe the drive anyways & start over, so THIS time I will patch my XP CD with VistaPack first, then just not use the custom font. Love the transparent taskbar! Cheers for the nice job on this!
  9. Just curious...if I were to reinstall VistaPack again, would it repair what's broken, or further bollocks it?
  10. I wrote: However, I wanted to revert back to the non-custom font, but when I tried to run the VistaPack.exe to select uninstall custom font, it got an error msg & it would not open I looked in the Start menu folder for it & tried to run the Vistapack, but it just crashed. oh well, no worries, looks like I will just wipe the drive & reinstall XP & use something else next time. Thanks for your help.
  11. Well, ran the uninstall.exe from the folder, as there wasn't one in the Start Menu folder for it, and saw the icon list as it supposedly removed everything. Both login & logoff screen remain as do all icons. The font seems to show solely in Thunderbird, but have tried changing the font within it & it doesn't change. I use Avast free a/v, along with Superantispyware & Comodo firewall. I'm by no means an expert on these type of apps, but I have used Xpize, Bricopacks etc without issues in the past. I really dig the look of this one, & only want to figure out why it didn't give me a configure option after install & why it won't completely uninstall. Perhaps I should shut off all "protect" apps & do a reinstall? Appreciate any help, with thanks
  12. Just rebuilt my PC, & decided to try out this pack. Installed normally & the look of it is VERY nice. However, I wanted to revert back to the non-custom font, but when I tried to run the VistaPack.exe to select uninstall custom font, it got an error msg & it would not open. So then I decided to uninstall it & reinstall to see if that fixes it, but after uninstallation, & a reboot, I am seeing everything as it was before! Same font start & logoff screens, etc Nlited XPPro, SP3 etc. I assumed like the BricoPacks, that there would be a config option. Thanks for any help, am hoping to solve the problem & reinstall.
  13. CBC


    Totally understandable, but sad to hear it just the same. Tis a great app, & thank you for your hard work on it!
  14. CBC

    nLite crashes

    You might try creating your Nlite XP disc using an XP running PC.
  15. ok, well..just now for the heck of it I stuck in an old Win ME disk I had (the laptop currently runs that OS - ugh) & lo & behold, t allowed me to continue to do the format & start the installation. So immediate prob solved, but why the hassle with laptops & Nlited discs?
  16. I have seen this happen recently on two different laptops, a Compaq & a Toshiba. 've been using Nlited dics for several years now on various desktop boxes & have NEVER had a bootup install isuue . The lappies read & boot the disc, load in the the Windows files & I ok on the EULA screen (non-unattended) but when it should begin to load XP files up to install it keeps asking me for a Win XP Pro disc. I even put in my original vanilla XPPro SP2 disc I purchased, and same thing. I'm trying to update an old Tosh 1755 Satellite for my boss's daughter to use, but this roadblack is stumping me. Thanks for any ideas. burned the nlite image to CDR using IMGBurn By the way, I have sucessfully run both Ubuntu & PCLinusOS on the same Tosh, so I am pretty sure it isn't the drive having an issue (also both burned using IMGBurn
  17. cool! Is this just for Vista, or can it also be used w/ XP?
  18. I have not used Nlite for quite a while , as my PC's been running just fine. But am needing to build an install CD for my mother's PC. Installed the latest Nlite & set to work, but am a bit confused by the wording of the SFC protection option Does leaving it *Enabled* (default) PREVENT SFC from working or allow it? I wish to turn it off for this install CD.
  19. I too get page not found on the History Link, using latest Firefox. Many thanks for this new update zedox
  20. Installed last night - VERY nice zedox! Used with one of Kels walls above,and Rocket Dock it makes for a slick looking desktop. Many thanks for your work !

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