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nLite - Windows reduction tool


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@LeoKesler, driver.cab is compressed harder then default routines, so that may be the case, don't worry about it.

System restore problem, yes it's only with the Gui...still trying to find what component cause it...narrowed it down to Internet Options.

@DarkPhoenix, well, it parses through selected inf files and retrieves file names used in the process...so, reason for hanging there in the past was read only bug...that's fixed...or is it...try to remove readonly attributes from files and directories in the installation and try it then.

It may be a problem with missing inf file...maybe that will be gone in next next version when i put all components to autodetect...for now (0.94) only third is like that. Uploading as soon as system restore is fixed.

@ZuluDC, great job, going to put it on the first page, only few modifications will be made (if i may ? ):

Put an XP SP1-CD (Home/Pro/Coporate) into your CD-ROM
I doesn't needs to be sp1, it can be original, sp1 or sp2 :)
Start nlite

Click "Start"

You don't need to click start, just browse, window will automatically select start.

@cb3dsl, that large amount of data is extracted drivers (tmpdrv folder), delete it.

Thanx for the file list, next time give me the full list.

I'm going to see now why those files makes problem to you, but it will be good that you send me your selected.ini on mail.

@Nemesis300, i apriciate your hotfixes hunt but it's ok, it isn't important, your hotfixes are installed even reported missing and soon sp2 will be final.

More important is that missing icon stuff...well i've never had such a problem with public versions...and you are sure that you're testing it on a clean installation, not some tweaked one...clean on virtual machine without any additions, and its still has the same error ?

If it is, then contact me on the mail so we can arrange that you send me few files from your windows so that i can fix it...it won't be bigger than 1-2mb.

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Is a guide REALLY neccesary? It's common sense to me and anyone who ACTUALLY reads instead of just skipping to the end. its like reading a book, you can read the first and last few pages, but you miss the best part of the book, the actual story. You just keep clicking next. Who doesn't know what next means?

@nuhi, it might be a good idea to have another tab for slimming, instead of jumping back through all the nexts. Final steps or something, one button slims, another builds the iso?

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I don't think that a guide is really neccessary, but it will be good to have an updated first side (the pictures because of changes, small other things...), so when someone comes in here and ask a newbie question only a small responce says all:"Read the first page here".

The first site should speak clear over the basic that nothing more stays over to say about how to build an iso and such trivial things.

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@Alanoll, well it seems that some folks had problems with simple stuff but mainly because it's not yet user friendly.

I'm going to take your suggestion into consideration and definitely there will be something like that past the 0.94 because i made slight modifications that may help for now.

edit: @ZuluDC, there i just made a link to your post, so you edit it if necessary, it's ok like it is now (except those 2 remarks, we don't wan't people to think that it needs sp1).

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nLite isn´t compatible with WindowsXp Home SP1a German!

I have activated item by item, but when I use DRIVER-item and/or OPERATING SYSTEM OPTIONS-item, nLite 0.93 hangs at Building file list...

In a few hours I can tell you, which sub-items of these two master-items is running well. I don´t think that all sub-items are not compatible with WinXP Home SP1a German.

Sorry for my bad english... :)

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I am sorry to post this, I tried different things, but unfortunately, I get the same result (at least as to what I can see).

I took my SP1 cd, copied it completely over and then slipstream SP2 RC1 using nLite 9.3. Here is my selected.ini file.

[Components]ApplicationsAccessibility OptionsBriefcaseDefragmenterGamesInternet GamesPinballScreensaversWordpadToshiba DVD decoder cardEthernet (LAN)IBM ThinkpadInfraRedIsdnModemsMultiFunctionalMulti-port serial adaptersPortable AudioScannersSmartcardsSound ControllersBluetooth SupportCommunications AppsFrontPage ExtensionsInternet Connection WizzardMessengerMSN ExplorerNetmeetingOutlook ExpressQoS Packet SchedulerWeb FoldersFirewallMovie MakerOld Sound Rec and CDPlayerSpeech SupportMusic SampleMouse CursorsMedia CenterTablet PCFile and Settings WizzardHelpManual Installation (winnt32.exe support)MS AgentSearch AssistantTourUpgrade from Win9x/NTFax ServicesIndexing ServiceSystem RestoreOut of Box ExperienceDirectoriesDOCSSUPPORTVALUEADD[KeepFiles]msconfig.exescrnsave.scr[RemoveFiles]

and my log file is attached.

Now, Internet Explorer doesn't work. Brings up a box about choosing a program to run it. When I bring up my system properties I don't even have a Hardware Tab. I have been asssigned to workgroup "workgroup" but my winnt.sif says it should be 674. But, my computer name is correct, desktop. All of my backgrounds are gone, I have the windows classic theme (not the XP luna theme).

I am 99.9% sure that it is something I am doing, but I am not sure what. I would like to see my Hardware tab, the windows luna theme, and the backgrounds. I would like to be assigned to 674 too. If anyone could light a candle upstairs for me, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance




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I posted the torrent on a few sites and you can't imagine what "dumb" questions I got... Maybe the step by step one is a bit overboard but I just didn't want to waste ZuluDC's efforts :). But the rest of the guide is imho not unnessecary...

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I posted the torrent on a few sites and you can't imagine what "dumb" questions I got... Maybe the step by step one is a bit overboard but I just didn't want to waste ZuluDC's efforts :). But the rest of the guide is imho not unnessecary...

you really shouldn't post this on other sites untill its finished. Why in the world would you have them on another site not even make an effot to come to MSFN? You should have them come here to get it. I understand making the torrents so that there is a load on a server, but posting off site?

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The website you have build is really nice and i have absolut no problem with it, when someone take something that i have written, also when some things in it are completly changed, also i give nothing on credits. That's ok..really no problem, but nlite is not my tool (infact i am absolut not able to build something like that). Your willing to share nlite shows that you love this tool like many others here and i can understand it. If nuhi finds it is the right moment to do so and welcome that all, it is alright, but the first time you ask nuhi if you can share nlite over bittorrent i thought....hmmmm

Without doubt: nlite is great! But it is perhabs a little bit too early to go out to hold everyone on the world this tool under the nose because it is easy to see that there are too much bugs over in nlite for now to doing that.

Every thing has 2 sides. If someone download this tool and it run like a charm then it reflects on nuhi's glory, also if a builded iso has bugs and the builder get's angry. If the tool has a longer time before to be full spread around nlite will shine in a more golden light and i hope it will come so for nuhi. I had it a little bit like Alanoll: Perhabs it is better when people grab this tool over MSFN...one side is that it is good for MSFN...the other side is that people can read the explanation of the maker himself and communicate with him (ok...the Email-adress of nuhi is visible in nlite).

In the end it lay all in the hand of nuhi and i think it is better not to overrun him...he should initialisize the steps like it goes forward. I think he has enough to do :)

btw: If i haven't my english-german translator...i am lost here :rolleyes:

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I found out all incompatibilities in 0.93 with WindowsXP SP1a Home German-CD!!!


Operating System Options->Manual Installation (winnt32.exe support)

If I activate one or both of these two options, then nLite 0.93 hangs at Building file list...

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@]Bonkers[, try 0.94, can't promise it will fix your problem but then we can debug it.

@AztecMystic, Alanoll is right...and i was wrong when i told you that you can distribute it, i didn't know you ment the "wooorld" :rolleyes:...maybe it's better to wait until those few more bugs are eradicated.

@ZuluDC, yes, the overload may occur :)

@Lecter, congratulations...it was mdmssys.inf...and all modems are mdm*

So if you have same problem with 0.94 just don't select manual install and let me know so that we can warn the others.

Thank you.

Here is 0.94, not much new stuff because i spent all time on searching system restore bug, and no luck...it's maybe these:

internet explorer, msagent and help.

- new component: Com+

- new component: Disk Cleanup

- new component: Zip Folders

- fixed internet explorer removal

- fixed modem removal

Always read notes and known bugs

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@ nuhi

Great, Modems-item runs well!

Manual Installation-item must turn off in 0.94 also, but it´s ok.

I wrote this messege without IE-> Firefox and nLite is great!

Now it runs the first time with German-CDs ! ! !

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