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  1. Hi., well i thought that one of the features of SP3 was that it'd allow to install XP WITHOUT the need to enter any cd key during the setup phase, just like Vista !? What people seem to be discussing below is why some of their valid keys dont work during setup time, which is kind a different topic if you see what i mean.. So is there a way to slipstream SP3 in XP, either in vista or XP that'll allow me to skip entering the CD Key during the setup phase ? Kind Regards, Jazz
  2. Hi, i've slipstreamed the RTM Build of XP SP3 with Nlite, but i still get asked for the cd-key during install. IIRC, one of the new features introduced by SP3, were CD Key less install possible like Windows Vista ! What do i need to do to get that feature to work ? Kind Regards, Jazz
  3. Jazz

    Nlite in Vista x64

    Hmm, i dont think i remember if nlite worked before i installed SP1 for vista, but the search function is still present.. In the start menu as well as the explorer. Kind regards, Jazz
  4. Jazz

    Nlite in Vista x64

    BUMP This issue is really annoying as i have no idea as to what might be causing this ? Is this Vista x64 ? Kind Regards
  5. Jazz

    Nlite in Vista x64

    Hi, i'm trying to customize xp with nlite but in Vista x64. Nlite starts like usual, but when it scans for the winxp root files it spits out the following error (attached in the post) I'm using the latest version of nlite, and have Vista SP1 installed. Kind Regards, Jazz
  6. Jazz

    Fix OOBE error's !

    Hi, I had made a Nlited XP cd some while back, but i had removed the OOBE using nlite, but for some reason my xp wants to reactivate but when i try to activate it, it pushes me back to the Welcome screen. Is there a way to repair, or re register a couple of files that are removed by nlite to get the activation back to normal ? I can get access to Safe mode, but not safe mode with networking. Thank you.
  7. Well, here are mine !! Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 The distro is Ubuntu with Gnome, and the 'lil applets are Gdesklets... umm, the system monitor in the 2nd screenshot is Torsmo.. very fast and light !! Well, what else.. lemme know if u want to know anything else... Bye, Jazz
  8. Duh wheres Age Of Mythology ? thass the best strategy game i've seen so far, its hardcore :-)
  9. hahahaha., hmm tha was good..
  10. Jazz


    OHH ! so now i know.. hmm, ok then i know what the problem is.. I actually downloaded the zip version , maybe thatsss why i get the old version. Ok no probs i'll get the exe one.. Thanx anyways. BYe, Jazz
  11. Hmm, a full html based should be good ! then it should not be any problems ! Did they specify anything about IMAP ? cuz i think IMAP is much more important than just 1 gig space.. BYe, Jazz
  12. Jazz


    Duh ok Mr smarty pants ! I tried that just before i decided to post.. That link is for the Old version of Xpcreate the one that dosent have the DL features i think.. cuz i couldnt see any DL options in the Xpcreate.ini also the version date specified in the xpcreate.cmd is old.. So, that just isnt the version that i was lookin for.. and also regarding the update list, i think the link has either changed or someone has decided to pull it off... In both the cases can anyone point me to the right direction ? BYe, Jazz
  13. Coss platform and cross OS compatibility is what i ASK ! its one of the most important things out there, and the dependency of ActiveX is not that advisable i think, Its not compatible with Opera that SUXXXX ! I mean OPera is one of the best browsers out there and most people including me use it.. and on platforms like Linux u dont even have IE to play with, so what is one supposed to do in such instances ? Also, all that i ask more is of IMAP support, 1gb mail space with IMAP will be a killer combination and that alone will givenightmares to all the Mail providers existing.. ! IT"LL ROCKXXX ! BYe, Jazz
  14. Jazz


    Exactly, its a very old version, where can i get the new version from ? the one that auto downloads everything ? Bye, Jazz
  15. Jazz


    Umm sorry for a noobish post, but i was away from windows for quite a loong time, and i though of testing the new xpcreate,. so where can i get the latest xpcreate, the one with the auto-downloading n stuff ? BYe, Jazz Edit, ok i checked the xpcreate site and saw the new download paramaters in the .ini, but the dl url dosent seem to work, is this intended ? or has someone uploaded the file to some other place ? Also, the version in the xpcreate.cms is 27-apr-04, ?? as opposed to the last update data thats june-11th !
  16. Umm i dont think all those commands can be run in dos for win98, they only run with nt versions of dos.. Else XPcreate cud easily run on 9x platforms, but sadly it dosent..
  17. Hmm if some file cant be deleted in windows then delete it in Dos, or Linux ! use a bootable cd with ntfs (if ur partition is ntfs) and then try to clean it.. The only way i choose to clean out virii is thru Linux or Dos.. If it still cant be cleaned then u gotta format before tha **** thing spreads Hope it helps, Bye, Jazz
  18. They dont even support Opera, man that sux.. i dont have IE in linux, and Konqueror is also not supported.. I'll not however succum to firefox, i dont like it. Hmm, this is **** ! BTW, i got a gmail account BYe, Jazz
  19. DUH ! that was a huge blow to humanity Hmm, so looking at the alternatives that i got.. 1. Install vmware in my linux, or 2. Install windows in my pc again and reboot to it all the time when i wanna make changes, or... 3. use some other method to integrate hotfixes, (duh does any other metod even exist ? there there i see a monopoly ) 4. ok thass it i got no other options 3 are enuff.. hey, can i run a emulator inside an emulator ? the thing is that i dont have vmware installed in my linux, as its too slow to be used practically and its too much pain to get it working in linux., so what i was thinking was if i could install vmware inside win4lin emulator, i run win98 inside win4lin, so will it work ? BYe, Jazz PS :- is there plans on supporting the win9x platform for xpcreate ? BYe, Jazz
  20. Duh, anyway to make it run ? maybe coying some command.com ro something from xp or someway ? I'm already in an emulator so its not possible for me to install vmware,. so thass not an option ! Anyapp that can emulate the 2k command commands ! or converts them to 9x format and s***.. Bye, Jazz
  21. Hi i'm using win98, dont ask why its a long story... I wanna continue workin with my unattended cd's so all i wanna know is that can i run xpcreate and nlite on win9x platform.. BYe, Jazz
  22. Hey truthie ! looong time no see eh ! well i think all the adv members of 911 are spilling zall over this place Good to see ya ! Bye, Jazz (Jassi)
  23. I've been usin spymac for a long time now.. the service is not that bad, but its not very good either, outta 10 times that i've tried to send a mail, its failed me around 4 times,... So, thats not bad for most of the ppl out there, including me.. but some ppl might have a problem there.. I wud therefore recommend to use a 20mb imap based email service as a primary address and then backing up all the read and unimportand/important stuff on the spymac account, atleast thats the way i do it.. Spymac hasnt yet started providing imap access, but runors are that it soon plans to do so, if it does that nothing'll ever beat that.. hmm on the other hand if ppl are worried abt the bad performance, its temporarry due to the SUDDEn popularity gained by spymac in recent times, it so seems that the servers are a bit stressed atm ! nways, nothing beats a free 1gig mail account, eh PS :- its pop3 enabled, so its kinda good.. Bye, Jazz
  24. Ohh i'm so sorry, in my above post i menationed that i had read that article.. what i forgot to mention was that it was a long time ago, and i'm not finding it again.. so if ayone know how to change the block settigs via registry, or find an article showing how to do that.. then pls post it.,.. Bye, Jazz
  25. Hmm, i've kinda disabled the zip folders completely using nLite.. also by reg tweaks.. and how should i know what setting to tinker with ? I had read a article explaining how to change the disk block size from 4kb (default) to 64k or 128k to allow very fast access and transfer speeds, that does mean that i'll lose extra space if i have small files, but at this time of utter grief and frustration... i just dont care abt the space.. Please can u help me find the reg tweak that u were talking abt ? Bye, Jazz

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