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Web Browser + Proxomitron Reborn + PtronGUI --- A How-To Guide

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1 hour ago, dmiranda said:

I have always been overwhelmed by both the promise of proxomitron, and the difficulty of making it work: I always gave up. SO I'm following this discussion with much interest.

Totally agree.  I've used Proxomitron for 18 years and it really is awesome!

But I used it in conjunction with GreenBrowser and Sleipnir and it fell to the wayside when the "modern web" forced me to short-lived Mypal/NM and I'm now on 360Chrome.

I see a much longer life with 360Chrome so I'm highly interested in bringing Proxomitron back into the mix (outside of only Microsoft Excel Web Queries where I still use my previous Proxomitron configuration).

It's always been "intimidating" and the sidki3003 configs only add to that confusion (but they are extremely powerful and I do use the sidki3003 configs).

There were Proxomitron Forum members (Grypen, lnminente, Jakx, altosax, Alcyon, Kye-U, JJoe) that publicly released less confusing configs, but they never gained as much ground as sidki3003's configs.

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1 hour ago, RainyShadow said:

By setting your browser to handle HTTPS through port 8080 (your Proxo port) you skip the front server of ProxHTTPSProxyMII.

I'm fairly positive I've tried that.  I've tried a HUNDRED different scenarios over the last FOUR days.  Much more d@mn confusing that it should have to be.  Digging through your recent posts and will update.  Fingers crossed  :puke:

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On 1/20/2022 at 1:19 AM, RainyShadow said:

MSFN looks bad...

I'm actually half way there and my MSFN looks great.  Looks perfectly "normal" (albeit heavily modified by Stylus).

You can see my Proxomitron config "menu" as evidence.

LONG before ProxHTTPSProxy / ProxHTTPSProxyMII came along, us Proxomitron users were doing what we called half-ssl.

I can get everything working using HALF SSL - but this is essentially HTTP EVERYWHERE and while that is perfectly fine "for me", I am assuming that the MSFN Crowd would prefer the more widespread (albeit meaningliess!) HTTPS EVERYWHERE.


On 1/20/2022 at 1:24 AM, RainyShadow said:

I thought YOU were making the guide, lol.

:puke:  :blushing:  :realmad:  :whistle:  Yeah, after trying for FOUR DAYS, I'm sure you can see my frustration with ProxHTTPSProxyMII.

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58 minutes ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

What is your ProxHTTPSProxyMII's config.ini settings?

Didn't i post those earlier?

ProxAddr = http://localhost:8080
FrontPort = 8079
RearPort = 8083
DefaultProxy =


53 minutes ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

SOOOO d@mn frustrating!

I will try to set it up from scratch in a fresh VM, installing XP right now.

Give me a link to a build of 360 you'd like me to try.


damn spoiler tag messed up again...

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9 minutes ago, RainyShadow said:

I will try to set it up from scratch in a fresh VM, installing XP right now.

Give me a link to a build of 360 you'd like me to try.

Technically the browser is irrelevant, the Proxomitron "test Proxy" is failing and that only tests the link between Proxomitron and ProxHTPPSProxyMII.

This is the link to the 360Chrome I am using  --  https://www.dropbox.com/s/6z65t5yo08fr0ym/360ChromePortable_11.0.2031_rebuild_8_ungoogled.zip

But since you will be wanting to install Proxy SwitchySharp from the Chrome Web Store, use this one instead  --  https://www.dropbox.com/s/mes4wez1v34w9k4/360ChromePortable_11.0.2031_rebuild_8.zip

And I've tried both ways but Proxy SwitchySharp should not be required as 360Chrome uses the Operating System's Internet Explorer proxy server settings.

Another proxy setting for Chrome-based browsers is to use a startup command line switch  >>  --proxy-server="http=localhost:8080,https=localhost:8079" (I've also tried --proxy-server="http=,https=")

Getting 360Chrome to use the correct proxy is a piece of cake  --  but Proxomitron connecting to ProxHTTPSProxyMII is a d@mn NIGHTMARE.

Also, I'm not interested (at the moment) in BFilter or CCProxy - I just want Proxomitron and ProxHTTPSProxyMII to talk to each other.

Also, the actual Proxomitron header and web filters are irrelevant at this point, they do not effect the two talking to each other as far as the "test Proxy" dialog is concerned.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.  Hope that you have better luck than I have had.


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Could someone please explain to me how to fetch and add an IP (proxy address into this programme). Does it have an automatic scanning procedure ? Also , I sometimes  want all windows traffic to be routed through it (not just one browser). Like ordinary proxy settings. Thanks .

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41 minutes ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

I've also only been testing in XP x64 - that shouldn't be relevant but mentioning it just in case.  Will test in XP x86 SP3 shortly.

I'm having the same failures in XP x86 XP3.

My fingers are crossed, @RainyShadow, I hope you are seeing something that I am overlooking.  :worship:

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This is another of my Proxomitron "menus".  The possibilities are limited only by one's imagination.  This hidden menu opens when you hover over the top left corner and could easily contain Chromium links like chrome://flags or chrome://gpu or chrome://media-engagement or shortcuts to extension inner pages that normally take six mouse clicks to get to but now only take one.


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