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StartAllBack for Windows 11


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Reposting this from ElevenForum.

On a multi-monitor setup, open a Start Menu, then while leaving it open, go to another monitor and try to open a second Start Menu.

On my system the first menu closes and the second one opens - but only with the background box, along with buttons for Search, All Programs, Shut Down, and the user picture. Everything else remains blank until the mouse cursor is moved over, at which point the appropriate button pops into view. It doesn't matter whether it's the primary or secondary menu that's opened first. The issue resets as soon as the same menu is closed and then reopened again.

Also, instead of fading in, the second menu kind of flickers on, and instead of the user avatar fading in and moving upwards, it kind of just pops into a static place after a delay.

This happens on Proper 11 and Kinda 10, and while Remastered 7 does not work completely properly (it flickers and has the static avatar), it does populate all buttons at the outset unlike the other two.

This does not happen with middle mouse button clicks (opening the default Windows Start Menu).

Finally, I have also noticed that when using Proper 11 and Kinda 10 with a dark theme and XP-style fly outs, the flyout is first drawn in white before filling in with dark transparency, and when this is done over a darkish background, you get white flickering when using the menu.

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It's the same rendering, but without ClearType, as it's not possible on translucent surfaces. 


One may disable it via 'NoDarkTooltips'=(DWORD)1 value in HKCU\SOFTWARE\StartIsBack

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StartAllBack 3.2.9c

https://s3.amazonaws.com/startisback/StartAllBack_3.2.9c_setup.exe [Updated Feb 7 7PM EST]


- Dark Mode Control Panel

- Dark Mode file operation dialogs

- Fixes for white flashes when opening Explorer windows

- Colorized Control Panel links

Please find any unreadable color combinations if you can

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