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  1. I have seen a recent issue (which is also there in 3.6.3. I have my task bar on the top. When I click on the notification icon in the upper right of the screen recently is starts showing the Notification Menu and Calendar will popup on the left side of the screen. If I go into StartAllBack preferences and toggle the Taskbar location to bottom then back to top, it will fix it so the menu will popup on the right side. But it will eventually go back to the left and I have to keep going back to toggle the location. Anyone else see this or know how to fix this?
  2. I am using StartAllBack 3.3.1 and have my taskbar set to be at the top of my screen. But some apps don't seem to recognize that it's at the top vs the bottom and open new windows such that the windows top bar is at the top of the screen and behind the taskbar. One such app is PuTYY (https://www.putty.org/). Any workarounds for this?
  3. Not sure if this is a feature request or a setting I can set. I would like when I choose Run (Windows Key + r) it would remember the last program I had entered. In StartAllBack, under "Advanced" -> "Tweak Windows settings", I find that if I check "Store and display recently opened programs" it will do this but also append recently opened program to my Start menu. I only want the ones from the Run dialog and not in the Start menu. Anyone know of a workaround (maybe registry setting) to get around this if not possible via some setting?
  4. I am looking for an alternative to Start11 (buggy) and this looks like a winner so far. The only thing keeping me from hitting the purchase button is figuring out how to temporarily disable StartAllBack. For Start11 I simply have to hold down the control key and click on the Start menu then the regular Windows Start menu pops up. Is there a key combo that can be used with StartAllBack?

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