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360 Extreme Explorer ArcticFoxie Versions

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18 minutes ago, Dave-H said:

Aww, thank you!
You won't get around my moderation like that though!

Roses are red, your glasses are blue ... I don't sleep at night 'cause I'm thinking of you'. :blushing:

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On 1/18/2022 at 6:25 PM, Dave-H said:

My glasses are blue!

So are mine, as it happens. I never got around to uploading a picture of myself in them, though.

I used to have a profile pic, but it wasn't a picture of me - just a parody of the old Enron logo after that company defrauded itself into bankruptcy.

At any rate, it went away some years ago, and rather than putting up a self-portrait, I just left the big "M" in its place.

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My glasses are "invisible".  Perfect vision, no glasses.

At my old job, their "stupid" safety glass policy was that those of us that did not wear (prescription) glasses had to wear safety glasses with side shields.

But folks with (prescription) glasses only had to wear their glasses, no side shields, just their glasses - they didn't even have to indicate if their lenses were "glass" or "plastic" or "polycarbonate" or "trivex".

Side shields are TERRIBLE for those of us with perfect vision, zero "peripheral".

I walked in one day with NON-PRESCRIPTION glasses - glass frames with NON-PRESCRIPTION lenses!

The boss went ballistic and reported me to HR.

HR took MY side and I worked there for just over ELEVEN YEARS wearing NON-PRESCIPTION "glasses" to avoide the d@mn side shields.

It was a LABORATORY, no flying debris, no heavy machinery with moving parts or possible "thrown" items - just a RETARDED "policy" where the boss stood his ground and HR stood their ground.

After that, there was about half a dozen folks who never wore glasses a day in their life suddenly show up in NON-PRESCRIPTION "glasses".

The boss never did change the "policy" - but of course denied paying for our "glasses" when prescription-folks could obtain company-paid-for prescription safety glasses.

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when starting to use 360chrome 13.5 as default i needed this tweak for my sight problems.

have used this below and saved it as Custom.css (file)
/* Limit font size */
* { font-size: 14px !important }
in combination with this saved as manifest.json (file)
    "name": "Max Font Size",
    "content_scripts": [
          "matches": ["*://*/*"],
          "css": ["Custom.css"]
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "description": "User StyleSheet replacement",
    "manifest_version": 2
placed the two files in a folder called CustomCss (folder)
in extensions , developer mode , pack extension , this folder creates a crx and pem file.
dragged the crx to the extensions page (dev mode disabled) and it installed the extension. (no clue what the pem file is for)

works fine on all pages for me.
accidentally came across msn.com today and this has the strange effect of not showing everything on the page , even in full screen.
can someone explain this to me please ?
any modifications needed in the Custom.css file maybe ?

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Well, I didn't go so far as to install your extension but I like the method that you used for a CustomCss.
I'm kind of reading between the lines here, but my hunch is that you use a custom operating system DPI or that you have a default zoom to enlarge EVERYTHING but then you end up with fonts that were already large being TOO LARGE.
So you normalize everything to a default 14px and then your DPI or zoom puts that 14px where you can read it.

What happens if you change your * { font-size: 14px !important } to body, html, * { font-size: 14px !important; }
Note that I also have an intentional ; right after !important - it souldn't matter but I'm pretty sure all css declarations are supposed to end in one, not sure.

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thanks NotHereToPlayGames.
forgot to mention i tested this on a clean extracted v13.5-6 version and v11-8 , they are portable ...
no zoom or custom dpi set , no settings changed whatsoever and no other extensions installed.
all that this crx does is well ... reduce the max font size on every page. (for example on news headers)
it should not have this "off screen scaling" effect on msn.com or anywhere.
your modification did not change anything. (have added the ; after important as it should be but makes no difference)
had this css in new moon 28 portable latest , in user / default / chrome / userContent.css (same issue there with msn)
found the manifest.json tweak for chrome somewhere and just tried.
you can change the name "Max Font Size" to anything and it will show as such after packing the folder and installing the crx file.
msn.com content (text and images) just go "off screen" left and mostly right with the extension enabled.
both on 1440x900 (that i use) and on full screen 1680x1050.
have absolutely zero knowledge of css so i am out of my depth here.
hope you are willing to test and install the crx and check this against msn.com.
not a major issue as i don't visit that page on a daily routine.
just peaked my interest and was hoping for a quick fix ...
thanks for reading.

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Found a solution, but unsure if this is your expectation or not.
Are you accustomed to having to scroll to the right for "wide" pages with this font extension?
Because what msn.com is doing is declaring an @media screen and (min-width: ) declaration and intentionally hiding the horizontal scrollbar.

You can revert to having a normal horizontal scrollbar by using this as your Custom.css -
     /* Limit font size */
     * { font-size: 14px !important; }
     body { overflow-x: unset !important; }

Or we could attempt a font-size that utilizes @media screen and only adust accordingly - I'll let you try the above and go from there if it's not exactly what you had in mind.

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thanks !
am not used to using a horizontal scrollbar anywhere.
this works for msn.com though.
only on 1366 width though , on full screen the msn left top "butterfly" logo is "offscreen" still and a wide white section on the left.
when widening the screen width above 1366 somewhat the page content jumps to the right at some point.
the issue seems to specific to msn , have not seen this behavior before.
so if there is another option in css to prevent this on all sites i would like to try.
problem is i have only msn.com to test ...

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I would try to elliminate the * and target specific tags instead.  Then add to the list of tags as you find them in-the-wild.  You shouldn't need to use the body overflow-x this way.

/* Limit font size */
a, p, div, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, span { font-size: 14px !important; }

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