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6 hours ago, XP-x64-Lover said:

I'm still feeling determined. :yes:

Awesome :yes: 

On 2/24/2021 at 9:26 AM, k24a1 said:


I hope things will improve for you :(


I'm feeling:

Concerned ( get my 2nd Pfizer tomorrow )

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TY ... I actually hear coconut water is very helpful so I have a few cans and will try to replace the coffee with more water over the coming weeks. I read both - some have side effects and many don't. I had no side effects from the 1st so that was good.

Of course the vaccines haven't been test properly on us blobfish so I'll have to ask others down here how they are getting along ... we keep "social distancing" and only swim near others with masks down here; as well and I don't like to hide my face :blushing::o:lol:

Seriously - I won't worry too much, and again appreciate your reassurance.


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On 3/4/2021 at 3:44 PM, Tonny52 said:


Came across a HAM Radio receiver and wanted to check it out and hear some. Couldn't hear anything local near me. Only thing I have a chance at hearing is the ISS. HAM Radio doesn't seem as popular as it used to be.

Have patience. I got radio dongle attached to pc and use RTL-SDR to listen HAM radio. Just leave your reciever to freqs allowed use by HAM radio operators on local area and at some point you will hear broadcasting. Also proper antenna helps a lot to receieve.

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