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What are the requirements to get an entry level IT support job(aka first level aka service desk)?


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On 28.10.2017 at 12:36 PM, Mcinwwl said:

Not to mention that Łódź is in Special economic zone (investors are getting a tax refund, or even donation to the investition), and contractors on a helpdesk might be paid below 500 Euro net for a full-time job, with the lowest possible tax per employee, with no retirement or heath payment towards national social fund.

Compare this to what you've been offered.

It were 1391€ brutto. according to the job description I still have lying around. Partly unthinkable 500€, some people earned 500€/months ore more at internships (so when they still attended school).

Also under 1400 are rare in the mean time. Most people now get 1500 or more. One call-center job was paid 1444€/fulltime (40 hours/week). By default full-time is 38,5 hours in my country. But some jobs still have the 40 hours.

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On 10/29/2017 at 8:29 AM, Mcinwwl said:

And hey, there are even cheaper countries. Ukraine is just beyond the border, and there are always South American, Asian and African countries ^^

Of course! I live in Brazil, remember? In my state (Sao Paulo) the minimum wage is 282 euro net. It just surprised me because you're inside the EU.

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AFAIK Poland didn't sign the papers about minimal wage in EU. And, on the contrary, I was surprised that you referred to the US. Brazilians I have met were not coming fro low-paid industries. And hey, we're in the internet, when noone knows you are the dog. Or a Brazilian. We can only trust each other.

I'll end at this point, we suggested enough reasons why companies outsource every possible IT job.

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Ok but what can people that even have IT background do except for moving abroad to get an IT job, if taxes or making profits are such a big issue that they rather oursource?

Not everyone wants to work lets say in Brazil(because many would think wow the sunshine, the beach), not everybody is comfortable with leaving the state one lived in since the birth.

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16 hours ago, Tripredacus said:

Sure, people will just have to find something else. That is what I ended up doing when Sony relocated my job to Manilla. They offered $500 to me to pay for expenses to move there! :w00t:

What were you doing for Sony?  I worked for Sega, Sony, MicroProse which Hasbro bought out.  Anyone heard of Final Fantasy VII?


Manila as in the Philippines?  Stopped by there once and it's brutal.

Sounds like some sort of over the phone customer service support gig.

And $500 to relocate?  Did that even cover the airplane ticket?

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24 minutes ago, Tripredacus said:

I did not take up their offer. $500 is not enough to cover moving to the other side of the planet in two months.

I worked for Sony twice, once in VAIO and once in CE.


I was on the Q/A gaming side.  They'd have to pay at least $50,000 to take that kind of offer and relocate finding a place and assimilate.  Probably miss home too much so not more than a year.  Sounds like they were looking for cheap labor.


The VAIOs are probably my favorite brand laptops.  I think I have around 2 dozen hoarded VAIOs a good number of them in my room stashed.  Sadly they stopped making their laptops.  I can't say much for their desktops being a custom builder but I did have one P4 VAIO that was completely fanless cooled which was pretty impressive then.


I'm not sure when you were there but some stand out laptop models I own.

Vaio TR series - also used in the Facebook movie - The Social Network.

X505 - the James Bond thinnest lightest model ever made and completely fanless.

NR-NW models seems to my favorite for XP legacy support.

After this generation no more dial up modem ports and I think Firewire ports also got discontinued so no more DVCam.


What is this CE?


Something to do with this?


You were into home theater setups?




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Yes CE is consumer electronics. That was from my first time around, which was TVs, audio and home theater stuff, DirecTV and Tivo. It was during this time that I had learned Sony has 3 tiers of electronics departments outside of computers. They have CE of course, then they have a "pro" level (think music industry equipment) and their high-end (super expensive TVs basically) level of things. These three "CE" departments were not supposed to intermix, and they were isolated from each other. So much so that even on the intranet you could not find out information about those products. The only reason I even found out about those is because the customers called the wrong phone numbers sometimes.

Personally I did not like the VAIO products at all. Especially in their bone-headed ideas of the time (I think around 2003 or 2004) they stopped giving the recovery CD with their computers, the built-in recovery rarely worked, and they also started selling their desktops with RAID0 by default.

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