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  1. I was on the Q/A gaming side. They'd have to pay at least $50,000 to take that kind of offer and relocate finding a place and assimilate. Probably miss home too much so not more than a year. Sounds like they were looking for cheap labor. The VAIOs are probably my favorite brand laptops. I think I have around 2 dozen hoarded VAIOs a good number of them in my room stashed. Sadly they stopped making their laptops. I can't say much for their desktops being a custom builder but I did have one P4 VAIO that was completely fanless cooled which was pretty impressive then.
  2. Just wait FranceBB, once I work out a guide for getting XP onto Coffee Lake and AMD AM4 CPUs this will boost XP to 7.00%
  3. Yes but not many would want to dig around in DOS to setup the Ramdrives. Otherwise why did Microsoft develop Windows? But as an attempt to simply the OS user interface so even kids and grandparents could use the computer instead of CLI geeks. Aside from that assuming they setup the Ramdrive in DOS preloaded in the Autoexec, if they loaded into 98SE OS and wanted to change the Ramdrive letter from a DOS assigned Z: to X: would this work while within 98SE OS or would exiting to real 98SE DOS from 98SE OS work or would a warm reboot be required after modifying the autoexec be done first?
  4. Wow that's a good deal and does your "XPerties" name have anything to do with a preference for XP? If you're using a laptop for the DJing what external sound device will use you for the inputs/output?
  5. What were you doing for Sony? I worked for Sega, Sony, MicroProse which Hasbro bought out. Anyone heard of Final Fantasy VII? Manilla? Manila as in the Philippines? Stopped by there once and it's brutal. Sounds like some sort of over the phone customer service support gig. And $500 to relocate? Did that even cover the airplane ticket?
  6. Just in case for no apparent reason except to show what my sealed Apple Snow Leopard DVD I bought years ago still unopened with the shipping package it came in directly from Apple.
  7. I never said anything about going to Pirate Bay I believe these are your own assumptions. I said there were torrents which is just a peer2peer way of getting a file. Just like someone uses FTP it's just another file transfer method. If you check the Apple Forums they probably have a "legal" torrent link somewhere if you don't want to go through the Apple Store method. There are a lot of "legal" files that are torrent files so don't mix this up and confuse this with pirate sites. Most unknown sites I wouldn't trust the content. If you see an official torrent link set up by an Apple
  8. I'm the picky one? LOL. This is the computer standard I grew up with in the USA and especially during the golden age of computers. Unless in your country they started labeling everything in Kilo Binary Bytes from the start? Did all your hard drive manufacturer boxes show 120GiB, 100GiB, 80GiB, 60GiB, 40GiB, 20GiB? or did they show 120GB, 100GB, 80GB, 60GB, 40GB, 20GB like in the USA? Yes in the USA this is known as the 128 GB / 137.4 GB barrier. The so called Kilo Binary Bytes naming never took off in the USA that you prefer however this may be different in you
  9. Calm down my digital mucker friend... Patience... It takes awhile to get all the data collected in my spare time. Got about 3 systems I will have to build after the 3TB testing so I can move stuff onto it and free up some spare boot drives which could allow me to do more testing without shutting down my main system. First you didn't care when asked the DOS MBR tools to use and now you seem to have an interest...? The 16 Byte View was condensed by default probably because the program was expecting a larger video resolution which caused the initial truncation effect. But since
  10. I'm talking about 9X GUI support like other commercial Ramdrives like those in XP. Customizeable drive letter choosing, setting Ramdrive size, and the ability for multiple Ramdrives up to 24 or 23 meaning if C: is taken by your hard drive then D: to Z: can be assigned to use the available > 4GB+ RAM in what manner they see fit. Rebooting the system will retain the saved settings. If a user chose to they could have D: to Z: as Ramdrive drives of different capacities as long as it doesn't exceed the available RAM. Now if you could also create hidden Ramdrives that don't use Dr
  11. The unit reminds me of a toaster. The way two drives are vertically inserted worries me if it were to tip over. Try 3TB and larger with XP 32-Bit to see if translates and allows the entire drive as MBR. These are probably the drives that have a soldered USB connection from the looks of the shell. You won't be able to use these internally. The Seagate external drives seem to be the only ones I've seen that still can be extracted with the SATA connectors intact. A MAC isn't required. Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge have done it. You can get Snow Leopard for cheap and get the Ha
  12. 4aK? Which step? If you need the MAC OS it is free to all unlike Windows. . Some people have made it easy to transfer to a USB flash drive simplifying the process. Good any 2.5" models? This I'm not 100% on just yet. I have to try hooking up this 3TB 4KB 512e drive to XP 32-Bit to check if direct access of all 3TB of MBR data still works. My guess is you can't write to the drive in XP 32-Bit to the entire 3TB directly. I think it will still be capped at 2.2TB without the address translation adapter. Now if it turns out I can read / write to the entire 3TB then th
  13. Yes I know the "e" stood for emulated but if SSDs don't have a defined Sector Size wouldn't they be emulating 512 Bytes? If it can appear as 512 Bytes then there is no reason they can't appear as 4KB or 64KB. MACS are Intel based now so yours probably can be made into a Hackintosh quite easily on the Z87. https://www.tonymacx86.com/ Is UEFI still stuck with this old limit? That was one of the cheaper ones available since you hadn't seen a 4KB bare SATA drive. Not a fan of Seagate either as far as reliability back in the day had a bad reputation except some of the
  14. Is there a page on all the forum commands / features and how to use them? How do I get the MSFN links from showing a preview or shorten links to a small clickable object? Can you create collapsible spoiler windows?
  15. SSDs should be 512 Bytes on the SATA connector end as they work on DOS->XP. Now if 3TB->18TB SSDs will be 512e that would make them useful. 31 Total MFM drives on an IBM XT now that would be a sight. I can't find any references to this limit. How did you calculate this? Did MFM Floppy drives and tape drives count against the 31 Total Drive Limit? Copied the wrong link. Here is the correct 4KB Native SATA model. Seagate 2TB 3.5 HDD V.5 (4Kn) 3.5" SATA Model ST2000NM0105 https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-2TB-SATA-Model-ST2000NM0105/dp/B01G3S8SGA
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