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MSFN will be online as long as donations allow


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Although I can't afford to donate, $183 is needed to keep MSFN online. Please keep donating as much as possible! :)

AdBlock is disabled where most websites don't allow ad-blocking. Malware attacks and malversiting hurts more than just ad-blocking.

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I will definitely donate next time I get paid... Had to rebuild my computer (motherboard died) and make some repairs on my mail delivery vehicle (US Mail carrier here) in the past couple of weeks, so I really can't afford to do it at the moment. I also made sure Ublock Origin was disabled for the site.

I say if you make extensive use of the site and if you can afford to do so, you really should donate, even if it isn't much... A little goes a long way.

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On 11/08/2017 at 10:43 AM, xper said:

I working on it.

Grandmaster Xper I am glad you found a way to continue another month.

I had created my Avatar to honor the death of Windows 98 but also in case this site somehow must cease I have added a note for MSFN to signify its 16th year online on August 17th, 2017.  In 5 days it will hit its possibly Final Anniversary.

Hopefully this isn't the end of the road and MSFN will make it past Christmas to 2018 somehow when it will try to survive to its 17th Anniversary and I will update the tombstone.

I remember as a SysOp taking down my BBS ages ago.  It was like a baby you cherished and in some ways you wished you still had it and in other ways it was also a tremendous burden.  I recall babysitting it and waiting for someone to dial in.  On a brighter note this site has as close a feel in atmosphere as a BBS compared to other websites so that should be quite a feat going back to the original MSFN idea you had in your room in another country.

If I had the funds to help I would try and temporarily keep it afloat till you were able to retake the reigns or at least mirror it somewhere so it would exist beyond this site such as the waybackmachine or relocated and merged to another site as one member has offered.  I had also read you are taking care of an autistic daughter on top of all this.  I don't know the full story or how this impacts you looking after the site but I will share a small recent story.

I had to do some major car repair in the garage and I needed to clear out the garage to move the car into start the project.  It took about 2 weeks to get that settled than as I was trying to figure out the car repair situation which took another 2 weeks I had a pet that died as a result because my focus was not there to be aware something was wrong and when I finally took notice I didn't realize it was too late and if I knew what I had known then I would have taken a break after cleaning the garage out and perhaps had a chance to have noticed something was wrong with the pet.

 Running the BBS was the best thing back in the day but also there was a huge sense of relief like I was unburdened in some way after letting it go.  The cost of the electricity, phone bill, the computer equipment, and a PO BOX added up and even though there were donations I can't honestly say that the donations were greater then the operating costs and more importantly the time invested.

If one day your site does go down if not in a month from now but later in the future give me your physical address via PM or email it to my email address on the account and I can mail a small amount in cash or an international money order that I can muster up so it wouldn't be taxed perhaps $100 that would not be for the site but for your daughter.  I know it's not much in the grand scheme of things but just a small gesture from an Op to another.

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I am downloading the XP subforum. I'll see if I can with all of it...

Anyone that wants to contact me can reach me in PM

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16 minutes ago, Kelsenellenelvian said:

Is there a way to get a copy or archive of just the WPI subforum for my backups and records?

you could use HTTrack...although it requires experimenting to get it right.

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Ads are activated now atleast for my newer machine (Windows 7 and up).

Btw. if someones running an AV program like Kaspersky and you get the message on some other page that adblock is enabled, you  need to check also if an  anti-banner/popup feature is used within the Antivirus SW . Sometimes you have two adblockers and dont even know that.

I found that also to be the case for some blogs or german newspages or so.

Its sad that msfn will have to end. It was one of these communities where people dont make jokes or troll you just because your not using the newest operating system on every PC (or the newest model). Normally your arent taken serious in normal life by some people if you do it (and thats a thing I knew already  from 2003 onwards).

Windows 9x users can be happy to knew this forums, we got better support here than MS and even Google and other sites were willing to give. Just saying. 

It was great too know this board and the community!

I understand maintining msfn is much work and were not living in a life were everything is free.

I wish xper and all the people a good life and hope you all still have great days and hours to enjoy.



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4 hours ago, ppgrainbow said:

We're in September now and I can't imagine that MSFN received almost twice the goal of $183 needed to keep the site online. And now, $128 are needed to keep MSFN online for at least another month! Keep it up! :)

Actually, before this month rotated over, we were at $400, so actually we did make the goal, twice over. :thumbup

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