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Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.1

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21 hours ago, carlitosoo555 said:

I think those complaints would fit better in...


My intent, on the subject of Aero Glass, was to illustrate how Microsoft's dissolution / ignoring of prior desktop style / theme standards, is to show how in a big-picture sense they're destroying the ability for even a product as visionary as Aero Glass for Win 8+ to fix the desktop to where it is as good as it was in Vista/Win 7.  We are still able to make a Windows 10 desktop almost as integrated as a Win 8 desktop, which in turn is almost as integrated as what we got out of the box in Win 7.

Big Muscle is to be strongly commended on sticking with it, and continuing to deliver a package that makes our desktops look halfway elegant.  Microsoft should be praising him greatly, rather than working against him, because without this kind of workaround more people would simply refuse to use Windows 10.


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So I've asked this question some time ago and didn't get the answer, so i'm bringing it up again, this time, with a picture. I'd like to know why is the title caption text shifted few pixels to the right when caption glow effect is enabled. Here is the side by side example, left is Windows 7, right is Windows 10.


Edit: digging into glow effect related settings, I figured I don't fully understand how they're supposed to work. Using sagorpirbd's Aero 7 theme, no custom atlas selected in Aero Glass GUI. If I choose Use atlas image, I get very bright glow effect. Second option (Use atlas image and theme opacity) gives more subtle glow effect, I would assume it comes from the theme itself. But here's another option, Use theme settings, which behaves as if I selected No glow effect.

So yeah, the difference between the last option and the other two is what's bugging me. And someone mentioned something about glow effect being read only from custom theme atlas, which could be exported from currently used theme to get the glow effect, which supposedly can't be read/used directly from currently used theme for some reason.

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It is related where the glow effect is rendered to. In Win7, the glow effect is rendered into the titlebar and the caption text is then put over it. But in my Aero Glass, I don't know where the caption text is exactly positioned, so the only option is to rendered glow effect directly into the caption text bitmap. So this bitmap is just enlarged to fit the glow effect, the text is centered into it, and finally DWM (i.e. not my Aero Glass) renders it at the same position as originally.

And the TextGlowMode option is described in the guide.

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Thank you for the explanation. I did read the description of TextGlowMode, just couldn't get my head around how it works in practice, particularly when it's set to 3. I tried the old Aero7 V2 theme for Windows 8.1 and with it, the difference between the options is obvious. The last option made the glow have different appearance than the other two.

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Because the standard DWM glow is just an glowing image rendered behind the text. But the option 0x3 is a feature of UxTheme that renders the glow effect by computing it for each letter separately (standard feature of DrawThemeTextEx)

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Please, help me with my problem:

Every time when wallpaper is changed and autocolorization changes color of active frames it disables option "Use glass color for inactive frames" on "Glass colors" tab and "Use active accent color for inactive frames" on "Accent" tab. Every time I need to open AeroGlass GUI and enable this options again or inactive frmes has no color.

On all me 3 comps: note - Windows 10 x64 13493.321 AeroGlass 1.5.1, work - Windows 10 x32 13493.321 AeroGlass 1.5.1, my home - Windows 10 x64 13493.321 AeroGlass last debug version.

EDIT: Not every change of background canceles depending inactive frames color from active frames color... But periodically... I don't understand when it happens... But often...

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