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Windows XP Countdown Time


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Nothing really to post ... just making mention of the "historical event" ! ... 10 days and counting.

Found this XP article from March 21st ... from the article below:


We've talked to Microsoft and it has confirmed that all existing security patches and updates for Windows XP will still be available after support officially ends. This means that after the 8th April 2014, you'll still be able to use Windows Update to download all existing security patches.

This is important, as if you re-install Windows XP, you should still apply all of the existing patches in order to make the base operating system as secure as it should be.

There is a worry that Microsoft will decide at some point to pull the updates from its website or make them harder to get. Don't worry, as the best thing you can do when support ends is to make a custom XP disc with SP3 and all updates pre-applied.

As our instructions in the previous link show you, slipstreaming is a brilliant thing to do. This takes your original XP installation files and bundles together the service pack and updates into it. When you install XP from this disc, it's completely up-to-date with no need to visit Windows Update for anything. Given the situation with XP, this is the best thing that any existing XP user can do.

When Windows XP Support Ends, This is How You Secure Your PC and Save All Updates.


21 Mar 2014

David Ludlow

It's soon going to be a tough time for a lot of people, as Microsoft is pulling support for Windows XP on 8th April 2014. With no more security updates after that date, the security implications are huge, particularly as this aged OS still commands almost 30 per cent of the desktop market, according to NetMarketShare.

Only Windows 7, with around 47 per cent of the market, sits above Windows XP, with the much maligned Windows 8 taking just shy of seven per cent of the OS cake.

more at the link ...

Might as well add this link also ...

How to slipstream an XP disc with SP3 and all other updates.



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I don't think it's so much a death as Microsoft trying to bury XP alive, given its resiliency on the market.

XP'll keep going for a while yet. Heck, if there's one thing you guys here at MSFN have proven, it's that still older legacy OSes haven't kicked the bucket!

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Good article dencorso ... anybody going to the link in dencorso's post ... there is sort of a Windows XP poll on the right side at the bottom. Windows 7 is ahead but XP is in second place at this time. Cast your vote for fun and upset the M$ crowd !

Windows XP end of life poll

Which operating system will you use after Windows XP support ends on 8 April?

... not sure if this poll is still active or not ... the web page has a March 7th date but the article is March 28th.

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In honor of windows XP. I made a little website with a countdown to windows XP death date. http://flasche.netai.net/Windows%20XP%20EOL.html

EDIT: Yes I know I put two timers, and have a typo. :realmad: :realmad:

Love the final hours track from Majora's Mask! :)

MM was such a great game. :wub: It was by far Nintendo's most darkest game :ph34r:

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Good article dencorso ...

just written by someone that says "I've never used Windows XP, because I've run Linux on all my PC systems for about 15 years" .. :thumbdown Must be an expert on XP.

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I don't think it's so much a death as Microsoft trying to bury XP alive, given its resiliency on the market.

I find that everytime someone uses the word "death" in this context, the are helping Microsoft do the burying for free.

I didn't see a Server 2003 option in the poll, which is another option to make a system with lots of memory. I am going to build a new system like that because this XP system, which will certainly keep running, doesn't quite cut it. The size of any NT6 system is completely ridiculous.

That was an excellent article in the Inquirer. I'm pretty sure one can survive without an antivirus and still do banking from an XP system as long as the installed browser version is supported at their bank.

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all this hate ...

XP as did 98 will live a decade if not more

its hilarious how you people expect some apocalypse


speaking of 9x 2016 will mark the 10th anniversary of EOL.

I bookmarked your under construction Win98 webpage, Flasche. Looks like I'll have a second webpage to check everyday, besides here of course. A whole 2 pages for Win98!! Yay!

Have fun with that :-)

I will :lol: . The updated mini list, and the old list will be very helpful.

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The plus side is that Malwarebytes pledged life support for us Win XP users

Malwarebytes pledges to provide lifetime support for XP users ( TechSpot 2014-03-24 )

TechSpot said

Anti-virus specialist Malwarebytes announced today its new Anti-Malware Premium suite. According to the company, the suite will provide lifetime support to XP users, which still make up 20 percent of its user base.

Thanks CharlotteTheHarlot http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/155290-windows-8-deeper-impressions/?p=1073069

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