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  1. Okay, thanks. Downloading now. Thank you for the great work you have done with this.
  2. I can't filed the file to download: WindowsXP-USP4-NOPOS-x86-ENU.exe Looked in all of these locations: Create 6 Bootable Floppy Disks Oct 16Documentation Oct 7ISO for SP4 Installer Oct 16Patched Files Oct 7Post-SP4 Update Pack Oct 16Post-SP4 Update Repository Oct 16Torrent Oct 29Unofficial SP4 Source FilesNov 4URLMON Nov 5Without post-EOL Update Support Oct 16 Where is the iso to download?
  3. Will the RC bump the SP number to 4 in System properties and elsewhere?
  4. All it says about POS Ready is this: Which is no help at all. What is POS, what is POS Ready? Do I need/want it? And again, what do I download?
  5. What am I supposed to download. It's not obvious. I'm guessing it's this one: WindowsXP-USP4-x86-ENU.exe 6:18 am
  6. Installed Aero Glass for Windows 8.1 V1.2.5 yesterday. I've rebooted several times since then, but just now when I rebooted I had this Command Prompt window on the Desktop and it would not go away by itself, I had to close it. Why am I getting this and what am I supposed to do with or about it? Log file: [2014-09-17 21:22:18][0x5AC:0x5B0] Installing DWM hook... [2014-09-17 21:22:18][0x5AC:0x5B0] User: SYSTEM [2014-09-17 21:22:18][0x5AC:0x5B0] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll [2014-09-17 21:22:18][0x404:0xBDC] Donation key loaded [2014-09-17 21:22:18][0x404:0xBDC] Machine ID: 5U22JSLYR7DTCLDEYNMMLHCC35WL7NB5JZLWDVKQVLXWQFPQ [2014-09-17 21:22:18][0x404:0xBDC] Loading settings (flags = 0x1) from HKEY 0x0000000000000000 for session #1 [2014-09-17 21:22:18][0x404:0xBDC] Aero Glass for Win8.1 v1.2.5 x64 correctly loaded (C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll). [2014-09-17 21:22:18][0x404:0xBE4] dwmcore.dll version 6.3.9600.17200 [2014-09-17 21:22:18][0x404:0xBE4] udwm.dll version 6.3.9600.17284 [2014-09-17 21:22:20][0x404:0xBE4] Symbols loaded from external files: 0x4
  7. I installed WindowsXP-USP4-Beta3-x86-ENU.exe on XP Pro X86 in a Oracle VirtualBox VM, worked great. It had been fully updated before I did this. After the update, Windows Update shows I need the following:
  8. Took me 4 tries, but I finally have everything mapped out the way I want so I was able to do it all in one run as you suggested, and everything works! Thank you Thank you Thank you
  9. As -X- said, nLite handles it IE7 fine if I give it the right package. Works great to. From the nLite site: How to integrate IE7? Download the IE7 installer from Microsoft and insert it into the nLite Hotfixes page, simple as that. -X-, sorry I missed that "this" was a link. On my system, it's almost identical to the words before and after it so it was not obvious it was a link. Anyway, looks like that is a problem, so I'll remake the CD, since I am getting the WMP9 not installed error message.Thank you. What about the Win2K style taskbar though, any ideas on that?
  10. -X-, take a look at what? Also, why remove that update? Is it the cause of the WMP problem when I tried to play a CD and got a message about it not being installed correctly? Can you provide more info please? Thanks, Rich
  11. Hi Ponch. I'm starting with a XP Pro SP0 (original) to which I added SP3, then IE7 and then the updates. Edit: Do I need to add SP1a first then SP3? That's what I used to do but since SP3 seems to slipstream okay without doing that I've been skipping that step lately.
  12. Using the latest nLite to create an updated XP Pro + SP3 + Updates + IE7 CD and it all works well. The only problem I'm having is the Taskbar looks like the grey, flat, Windows Classic (Windows 2000) style. I can fix it via changing Desktop Properties, Appearance, Windows and buttons drop down to Windows XP Style. I've looked through the nLite customization options more times than I care to think about and cannot find out how to fix this. Hope someone can help me fix this. Last Session.ini Last Session.ini
  13. Figured it out. Had to set Unattended Mode to Fully Automated and also proivide the Full Name, Computer Name and Workgroup. Took 4 iterations and about 6 hours but it's BEAUTIFUL! nLite is a wonderful tool now that I understand it.
  14. Others have reported this but I'm still having the problem and don't understand how to resolve it. I've set Unattended Mode to Provide defaults, entered the Product key, specified time zone, user, turned off OOBE and yet when I get to that part of the install I have to enter the same data. This is from a booted CD. Here is my winnt.sif file: ; Generated by nLite 1.3 [Data] AutomaticUpdates="No" Autopartition=0 MsDosInitiated=0 UnattendedInstall="Yes" [Unattended] UnattendMode=ProvideDefault UnattendSwitch="Yes" OemPreinstall="Yes" OemSkipEula="Yes" FileSystem=* WaitForReboot="No" NoWaitAfterTextMode=1 NoWaitAfterGUIMode=1 DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore NonDriverSigningPolicy=Ignore Hibernation="No" [Display] Xresolution=1024 Yresolution=768 [SystemRestore] MaximumDataStorePercentOfDisk=03 [GuiUnattended] EncryptedAdminPassword="No" AutoLogon="Yes" AdminPassword=* TimeZone=035 OEMSkipRegional=1 OemSkipWelcome=1 [Shell] DefaultThemesOff="Yes" [Components] [UserData] ProductKey="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1 Language= "0409" [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents="Yes"

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