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Office Shrinker [reduce source of o2k3/xp/2k]


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I'm also on 293Mb.. seems all this does is remove the MSDE files and some setup stubs from the Files directory.

And the Astalavista "compress" to 36Mb link is dead and the guide seems to be somewhat ancient... Oh dearie me... all knackered!

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Hiii Guyzz I m able to get the Shrinked office Folder of about 150 Mb.

Now I think I will have to make it a Rar SFX to get the size to around 70 mb.(Correct me if I m wrong)

So I was wondering wat all things to add in that Rar Sfx > Only the Shrinked Office Folder ??

I am really confused at this last step , do Help me..

I didn't use Rar compression--but if it's anything like the 7-zip method, you'll need a configuration text file, the SFX (edited to remove user control buttons), and the compressed Office source. If your full size is 150MB, the finished product will end up smaller than 70MB. My first success at it shrunk my Office XP from nearly 200-67MB--major props to BuckeyeXP! :thumbup

Now I just have to finish it off as an nLite add-on, for completely id***-proof installation.

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only on clean installed windows environment? :( i didn't have any clean installed pc or virtual machine soft, hope someday someone make something like this but with more friendly spec :D

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Have you tried the trial versions of VMware or Microsoft Virtual Machine? Each one will give you a 30-day evaluation period. The other method actually requires a spare production computer, loaded with little more than Windows itself.

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Seems as if everyone who uses Microsoft's MST creator ends up at 293mb.

Whatever other instructions were up are no longer there. Could someone please put them back?


Am I missing something here?

Where are the directions on how to make an admin install point / MST file without using microsoft's office resource kit?

Unless that's not how you're doing it..

when I use Microsoft's Office resource kit, I don't get any errors when I run the office shrink exe.

And it alwayscomes out to be 293mb, no matter what I select.

Please, someone give us the old instructions back!

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Ini for Office 2003 Portuguese (Brazil)


lang=Portuguese (Brazil)



title=Microsoft Office Professional Edição 2003



Office Source=*

Office Target=*


Office Setup EXE file=INSTALAR.EXE

Office Setup MST file=*



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Hey guys! I figured it out.

The place where the instructions are on how to make an Administrative install point have been removed.


Follow these instructions and slipstream the latest service pack.


Then follow these instructions. After you get your MST file just run the Office Shrink script on it. Next I'd suggest following:


Those instructions and also checking "Solid Archive". Also set the compression type to Best.

This is for o2003 only - for oXP I'm sure it's mostly the same, admin install point, slipstream, make MST then run office shrink script.

Hope this helps.

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I have build 2 shrinked & silent versions of Office 2003 with Service Pack 2 integrated, Dutch language.

The first installer is for installing at T12/13, why? Simply because my RunOnceEx (with all apps) is started at this time instead of after the Setup restart, the whole Unattended process is faster this way. But Office needs a workaround to get installed at this early stage.

It works flawless.

Also made a second installer, without this workaround. So that means it can be installed at any moment.

PLUS I have made a very very tiny .exe, it contains my .MST file, if you run it from the Office 2003 SP2 NL version it will install SILENTLY.

I have shrinked office, keeping the following:

Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

VBA support (necessary for excel)

FULL Dutch and English spelling/grammar/synonyms checker

no stuff no one ever uses like Binder etc..

If anyone is interested I am willing to share both packages and the MST/.exe file. Ofcourse WITHOUT serial.

PM me.

Why am I offering this?

Because it takes A LOT of time to update, shrink and get everything working. I did it twice (before SP2 existed and after) and can imagine no one wants to do it!

I am absolutely not going to create it for other languages... to much time and boring.

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