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  1. WOW feel sorry for all X2K users (maybe formerly users) for being not online for this several months, today i feel got some free time to play internet (i'm bored with php, mysql, delphi, vb arrrg!!!!). and today i check this forum again (because the release of nlite 1.35), cause ussually i only check programming site that contain a lot of codes . i just want to say i'm glad too see more and more people still play with customization of Windows 2000, i have seen two projects are up here, one maintaned by ChrisKuhli and other by Damian666. it was so cool many thanks for all nice works from you all... time to download and check those two project @Note as i had stated before that X2K is dead (and maybe totally dead). so if anyone want to get the file please check other project from two person i stated above. don't ask me about WinSkin or WinShutdown cause i recycled it couple months ago
  2. wow, this is what i would actually do if i get X2K running again, cheers up for damian nice works guys , just try to move i to Xpize Installer System (XIS) if you have a time
  3. hey you guys nice to see you here, i'm online for a liltle time cause this is saturday, my holidays (my exam will over next monday) thx to XPero for releasing XPize installer system , finally he making those all open source @ChrisKuhli nice job remembering me of X2K, maybe you can get most stuff from package available from old beta tester (as i dn't have enough bandwith to upload it)
  4. Dels

    X2K project status

    sorry for not being online for half years, this is basically i lose my job as operator on internet caffe so i didn't have free access to internet (and internet bill are very high in my country), there some people asking me about X2K, and today i want to clarify (before my exam begin) Q: just wanted to know i the X2K project is dead? where can i find the old files? A: this is my answer sorry to said this but the answer is "maybe" YES, i still busy with my college as i was in final grade and ready to take final exam and i didn't have enough time to open up X2K project anymore, i still heavily programmed a program with Delphi and web apps with wap. for the files you can get from some of beta tester like squeeto (sorry for miss typo) or his new project based on "our" works really if i want to bring back this project alive "again", i will try to mimic vista style as many vista icon has available on net at this time i will try my best on X2K if that project can alive once again sorry cause i didn't have much time to that project and sorry to make all you sad with X2K project maybe X2K just only a joke for now, as new project has rise to subtitute this project thanks for all X2K supporter, beta tester, xpize, and other people that have interested in making enhancement for windows 2000 i'm glad to hear there still some team to make a new project to continue X2K best regards and many sorry, Dels PS: for beta tester you can use everything on the old pack, as it based on XPize stuff and you can share it if you want
  5. nope, i think this is cause this is old monitor (i have use it since 2001 lol)
  6. Yes, litestep or other shell can do this and if you really want i can give you all ObjectBar Enhanced 1.65 but for serial number umm....... i think you have found it else where or maybe another freeware? for now i currently heavily ported all resource into XPize system and some badnews my monitor screen get yellowed (seems the blue and red color has been fade away) so it will take more time
  7. @xpmaniac4ever i have said on the PM (that included the link), some files maybe can't replaced cause sharing violation issue (file still on use) so i included "Replacer" on "ADD" folder @all i still move the package to XPize system for easy development progress, so it may take some long times for me to extract the whole package, reedit string on each file folder (XPize system) and retest/recheck it
  8. this would be help but doesn't really what you've talked : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=73989
  9. my personal answer : yes, we can use XPize with Win2000, but natively XPize didn't designed to be able to customize further Win2000 (you would get some trouble with system files ). as you can see even default shell32.dll replacement on XPize wouldn't work on all item (cause simply, they not there) so we need some other application that maybe "bad" for some user (especially noobs ). some solution for this is make something similar with XPize but natively build and tested for Win2000 and referse engineering or anything else (the main is using XPize resource) without permission (from it's creator, XPero) is "bad", especially if we distribute it and claim it as ourself works (thanks god, i never seen people did that in this topic). This take me to the idea that some people should ask XPero for his permission to make something like XPize on Win2000, and i get it (together with his installer system), then it called X2K for official. However this just personal opinion.
  10. how hard to backup registry? just said regedit on run box and hocus focus you select menu export then abrakadabra you save with the name you like, voila that's a hot registry to pick up it even don't take a minute
  11. i think you should ask XPero he already did that with his XPize pack , and i have his permission to use his XPize system on my X2K Project
  12. you can use something called TweakNT or NTSwitch to make your Server to Pro vice versa, read this post : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=74453
  13. X2K is currently to target works like XPize and even it's get supported from XPize creator itself (XPero) as you can see much of screenshot on this "abandoned" (last post is -I- on Dec 5 2005, 03:40 PM) much likely same as earlier X2K screenshot , now thinking about WinSkin (Windows Skinning App we use on Alpha Test), WinTask (currently hold and use LiteStep instead) and WinShutdown look if we use it together with X2K?
  14. thanks so what it could be? monitor refresh rate? maybe another?
  15. i have picked up some beta tester, if you want to i can send the beta for you but please help me with that
  16. to undo it so simple before you merge the tweak registry do BACKUP first your original registry then you can merge it to undo all the tweaks lol
  17. just curious, some people said this setting can be use to improve game and multimedia performance, is that true? how to get it : 1. Start -> run -> type "dxdiag" w/o quotes 2. go to "More Help" tab and click the override, the min is 40 and max is 120 thx
  18. i already packed it and the size is very big (around ~18mb) and it would take long time for me to upload so please wait
  19. i just think about who will be the beta-tester and i have decided for some people, but if you want to be a beta tester just wait for my PM that include links for the private beta release (so if you don't get it at my next annouchment, you aren't beta tester )
  20. try virtual pc 2004 i have XandrOS and DSL on it
  21. weekend days for you all and X2K workdays for me added 3 new screenshot : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v289/del...05-2006_001.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v289/del...05-2006_002.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v289/del...05-2006_003.jpg currently worked : - explorer tray icon already patched into 32-bit version (or 256-color?) - 1st official X2K wallpaper (from XPize so it's not original) - new ntlogo - new login look (i can't take a shot for that) - fixed the shortcut icon - more... and for good news... today i get the installer pack from XPero and soon this pack will release (Beta currently) after a few betatester test (maybe just 3-7 days private beta the public beta) some problems and need to do list : - need to make translucent bitmap for computer image on system properties - taskbar image on taskbar setting must rearrange - get rid off the 32-bit icon and made it 16-bit/24-bit (most new icon from xpize are in 32-bit only) - windows skinning and taskbar skinning... - need to learn about new installer
  22. you can save it as visual style (.msstyle???) then apply it after use patched uxtheme.dll
  23. yes actually it didn't nice too much, but that is the best shell available for free, we could use Aston or Talisman if user want to, that thing are highly customizable and easy to use, but that things isn't free, i can provide the cracked version of it but it will be not good for project and all
  24. you can use stardock skin editor to edit msstyle and make your own version
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