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Office Shrinker [reduce source of o2k3/xp/2k]


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shrink_lang02.exeOffice Shrink Source Final

This will shrink the source of Office 2K3, XP, and 2K! :)

You can cancel the script at anytime by pressing 'CTRL ALT X'.

:rolleyes:Run this on a clean install of Windows. :D


Create an ADMINISTRATIVE INSTALL POINT, Slipstream and, make the MST file according to MSFN's instructions. XP O2k3

This is works for the english, spanish, and dutch languages

To help with the use for other languages go Here

It should go throught the office install process and copy every file that is needed. You will see it working. There will be an error box for each file that is being copied, this is normal.

also send me the log when something goes wrong so i have some information to go by :D

If you have a problem with an error 25000: send me both office.log and office_task(000?).txt

New Download: Office Shrink Final...

*Fixed stopping problem.

It should stop for everybody.

if this is not enough explination go GO HERE

Or here is a super guide with a detailed explanation!

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how are you?

For me mate, it wouldn't even start. Its lookin for setuppls.exe, but my copy has pro11.msi, and it won't except the unattended script.

here is the error:

line 0

Run ($target1 & $exe& "transforms="&$target1&$mst) ;RUNS SETUP FILE

error:Unable to execute the external program.

Think you could fix it? I need to get this cd down 29 meg! Thats it, more would be good, could put more drivers on. When I compreess it it sits on 269meg so down to 200 would be nice


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@ghost can you send me the log file it should be at c:\office.log

do you have a setup.exe file any exe file in the root of your cd. change setuppls.exe to whatever that exe file is. i think it is called officepro.exe but i really dont know since i dont have office 2k3.

try that and let me know. also send me the log after you try that.

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there you go, I tried it a few times and none of the vareations work, if its failing at line 0 then that means that its not starting one of the parts. i think there maybe a problem with it starting the unattended file, no the msi file. But then again, I know bugger all. I tried a setup.exe thats on the cd, (admin point doesn't have one) and it did the same thing


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@ghost: When you run an unattended install of office what is your command?

That is where the problem is. Send it to me and ill see what i have differently in the code.

Anybody else having a problem getting it startted?

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I finally got around to slipstreaming SP3 into my Office 2000 Sr1 administrative point folder (o2kD1Admin). :) and for giggles I patched my o2k Sr-1 folder with sp3 (office_disc_1_full) I then created a MST using the data1.msi file from the o2kD1Admin folder. once done I ran your program and no matter which folder i specify for the files or if i click yes or no at the "continue installation after shrinking" promt it spits out an error message. attached (hopefully *cross fingers*) is my log and jpg of the error. hopefully you can make sense of it =-/

***on a side not I just realize this thread was about office 2003 (go me) but anywho shouldn't it still work with o2k?

thanks for your time


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@FlyorDIE: well kindof... i have never tested on o2k. the problem it that the setup should have atleast started that has nothing to do with the different versions.

I am trying to figure out where im going wrong with the startup code. i am in the process of rewriting the file selection portion of this. So when i get that finished i will just release that part to se if i fixed the problem. :)

As far as O2k goes... hey you are more than welcome to test it and maybe ill be able to make it work for it too. so if you want to bear through it ill see what i can do. :/

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Ok this is just to test the new input portion of the code. So run it and let me know of any problems or errors. i also fixed some logging things so that i will better be able to diagnose why it is not runnign for some people.

Just run it and the office setup should start. If this works then i will move on to what you are all here for. :)

So let me know since i cant test it right now. i wont be able to test anything myself for about a week so your input is appreciated.

Link in next post

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its a winner =D

Pop up box said code works ... when setup started it was on the screen for the cd-key... normally in admin install it skips this page... dont know if its associated with your exe or that that exe didnt have the code or something but it didnt error :rolleyes:

"2004-03-21 16:25:59 : <--- LOG OPENED --->

2004-03-21 16:26:13 : Office Source : N:\o2kD1Admin

2004-03-21 16:26:15 : Office Target : C:\office\

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : Source Files Necessicary for setup Copied to: C:\office\

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : .

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : ..

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : AUTORUN.INF

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : DATA1.MSI

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : LICENSE.TXT

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : MSOWC.CAB

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : MSOWC.MSI

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : OFFICE1.CAB

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : OSESETUP.INF

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : OWS.MSI

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : README.DOC

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : READOSE.TXT

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : SETUP.EXE

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : SETUP.HLP

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : SETUP.INI

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : SETUPSE.EXE

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : SETUPSE.INI

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : SQLWRAP.EXE

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : Unattended.MST

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : Source Files Necessicary for setup Copied to: C:\office\FILES\SETUP\

2004-03-21 16:26:17 : Command Run: C:\office\SETUP.EXE TRANSFORMS=C:\office\Unattended.MST


***stupid second page of post didn't even realize it was here :/ :)

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Beautiful :rolleyes:

OK we are heading in the right direction. Now since you are the only one that tested this so far and you are running o2k the next part may be a little more trying... :)

So... give me a sec and ill implement the other portion of the code. :D

HAHA about the second page....that is what i figured since you were in here and not doing anything.

I updated the first post too but i am assuming that you were looking for a reply after yours. :D OH well..

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ok here it is... keep in mind that i have never tested this with o2k so... i have no idea if this process will even work for it. :)

But you are welcome to try it. If it doesnt do anything enter press next until a box shows up that says something about an error and a missing file. that is where this should take over. if it just sits there a screen shot of the error box would help out. make sure you close the test program too... CTRL ALT X

well here goes nothing......


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:rolleyes: so... just to fulfil my cruriosity... :)

are you removing excess files that are not needed in the installation of office... or are you compressing the massive and i mean massive amount of files so as to take up less space. (I tried adding it all to an IExpress setup but there is at least one duplicate file which totally renders IExpress useless :D And currently I havent found a way of making a winzip install out of it that can be rendered unattended... and I haven't even looked at the other installers ... heh

***well I does not error. but if you click yes to running setup after install I does give you that first screen asking for the cd-key and orginization... and oddley enough it does keep the setting for what part of the customize which are set in the unattended.mst

Basically I cant find any Files in C:\office\PFiles\ Directory :D

and the file C:\office\Windows\Help\WZCNFLCT.CHM was also missing and that file forces me to quit... in just a moment ill add a pic that show what the original directory tree looks like (if i can)



***here is the log pertaining to the post after....*****************************


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