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  1. Thanks @Dibya for the reply. @jaclaz I'm a native English speaker and your reply to me came across as a bit clumsy and rude to Dibya. I get your point but IMHO there are nicer ways to say it BUT I don't have any interest in an argument over it
  2. @Dibya came here via Google hoping for some clever solution... Did you dump project?
  3. Thread is people wanting USB 3.0 controllers working under W2K with USB 3.0 speeds... do they ALL work under W2K as USB 2.0 controllers? All I need is a USB 2.0 controller under W2K (I'm doing virtualisation passthrough and only have USB 3.0 controllers - AMD onboard - I might have a Renesas/NEC controller SOMEWHERE!!)
  4. THANKS.... This really helps with the partition planning. I wasn't aware you could install 2K/XP on non primary partitions but I now know so (I probably forgot, it was 20 odd years ago I last used 2000!). But the Primary partition is still the boot partition and your 2X or XP drive will be drive D or E then? Or can I hide 2k/XP etc from 98 and hide 98/XP from 2K etc? - Your post seems to say I can ;) FYI, this guy reports no issues booting all 3 on same partition (although I take your point about partition sizes - didn't know, just assumed if 98 will be happy with C as 128Gb then 2k/XP will be) I know AROS installs Grub so happy to use that. Grub can do all the hiding of other partitions yes? In summary then is this feasible (install order same also) Primary FAT32 (8Gb prob) with Win98, and boot files for 2K/XP/7/10? How big can I go? Rest of SSD as Extended Vol for Sharing (100-odd GB) - FAT32 I guess Vol for 2K (5GB) Vol for XP (10GB) Vol for 7 (30GB) Vol for 10 (40GB) Vol for AROS (8GB) which installs Grub - https://aros.sourceforge.io/documentation/users/installation.php#installing-aros-along-with-windows-r-dos-r
  5. Hi, appreciate some comments/input please guys n gals! I have some C2D kit and want to use it for retro OS use (not just one). I suspect W98 will be the "harder" but wanted to check some plans before I do stuff to only have to re-do it for lack of planning I have: Gigabyte G33M-S2 (onboard RTL8111 LAN, USB) with 4Gb DDR2 Ram, a selection of CPUs inc Pentium Dual Core, Core2Duo, Core2Quad and Xeon 771 Quad ;-) Geforce 7600 GS 256Mb single slot (also have a GT740 dual slot) Soundblaster Live PCI My intention is to install Win98, Win2K, XP on one FAT32 partition of a 240Gb SSD (probably 20Gb or so), plus Win10, AROS (an Amiga-like OS) and maybe a FAT32 sharing partition. BIOS settings - I'd prefer to use AHCI (so Rloew's patch presumably). I want USB 2.0 enabled. Any gotchas? So first question is around partitioning. I understand W98 has a 128Gb limit but does that matter if I use the first 20-30Gb for its partition? Also I assume due to having an SSD I need to format on a modern OS to ensure partition alignment (W10 or Linux - does it matter?) Random question but does anyone know of a list of Win98 exclusive games or Win2K exclusives? Otherwise I might as well run those in XP. I have a better GT740 spare which is supported in 2000/XP but what would the result in 98 or 98-DOS be - would that make those unusable or would they, like in some retro OS like Amithlon, use the VESA mode and would work and the overall speed boost would compensate for lack of proper drivers? I could fit the GT740 in main PCIE slot (blocks one PCI), SB in PCI and 7600GS in 4x PCIe Slot so have both on hand. Bootloaders - all 3 on 1 partition does work (saw a nice YT video) and AROS installs GRUB, that would boot all OS. Any gotchas to worry about? Installing 98 - any recommended process? I have spare IDE & SATA DVD drives, USB DVD & pen drives. My list of Rudy Loew's patches to apply is likely ● SATA support for Windows 9x ● >4GB RAM support for Windows 9x ● AHCI CD DOS Driver ● AHCI for Windows 9x ● PTCHCDFS - To correct displayed size of DVDs on Windows 9x ● >4GB file support for Windows 9x ● 48 bit LBA support for Windows 9x (HDD up to 2 TB) ● Windows Driver Model (WDM) API Extender PLUS I will need LoneCrusader's INF files for the mobo Given I'd like AHCI and more than 1Gb Ram etc so need patches what's the best process for installation? Format partition to FAT32 on modern machine (as earlier) and copy files to partition ready for install (but they how do I format it as DOS compatible to boot up before installing W98) or do i need a 2nd FAT32 partition?! Some advice as to best process would be great!
  6. Thanks.. I'm also same LAN chipset ;-) And Onboard USB works? If so then all i need add is my SB Live... My 7600 will run with either driver set :-D
  7. Carlos isn't a regular here to reply to PMs. Does anyone know what chipset drivers are needed for P41/G41/G31 chipset family for Win98 and if they allow USB to work also? I have a G33M-S2 (PCIE + 2 PCI slots) so GF-7600 PCIE plus SB Live and either PCI LAN or PCI USB card?
  8. Thanks @cov3rt and @win32 for the advice. I think I am gonna pass for now... Tried installing XP on a Core2Duo box and had so much hassle I thought I'd nLite an XP with unattended setup... and found nLite hates running on Win10 and it so much hassle. Maybe if I find some patched XP and 2K on some warez site I might install but for now my "retro" OS is gonna be Win7 LOL!
  9. Just mentioning for the record I have my original hologram style Win2K CD still but not used Win2K for MANY years. I used to mess with nLite for XP a lot building custom unattended setups etc. Now thinking to have a play again with Win2K and KernelEx etc but there are TOO many options and patches to install! Obviously we'd want to start with an SP4 ISO but I am somewhat surprised we don't have a single (or a few) sources of packs that can be integrated with nLite or similar to build a fully patched ISO. Watched some videos and people are installing pages of patches after SP4 install. I suspect many people who want to run W2K will use multicore CPUs now so thread on that topic is relevant. Just wondering if anyone has done a nice Wiki page or a guide post as to how to assemble that "perfect" ISO ?? I'd do it myself but I really don't feel I have a clue these days....
  10. Thanks guys I have KVMs and I have monitors with multiple inputs. Given I expect to boot into XP 90% of time and Win98/DOS only 10%, I would be happy to use monitor to switch when needed. So, just set BIOS priority to PCI and disable device not needed in XP. @Goodmaneuver your post had me wondering.. is there a reason why I should bother with PCI FX5200 when surely a PCIe card with 10x (or more) performance of that card would be sufficiently quick to make the difference even with a VESA or Std Driver? Do I need an FX5200 for DOS or would a modern (RX570 for example) blow it out of water?
  11. How does it work? ;-) Seriously though, if i have a machine with 2 GPUs, one PCIe for XP and one PCI for 98. If I boot into 98 how do I stop 98 seeing a GPU it cannot use (the PCIe one has no drivers)? If I boot into XP how do I ensure it uses the better PCIe GPU. I am sure I have seen something here about it but I cannot find the right search terms to find the thread.
  12. I didnt know Rudy but I can certainly see (returning here after some years away) that he did a helluva lot towards this community and helping extend the life and usability of older OS's. I found the quoted post when looking for WDMEX guidance. I confess the Readme.txt didnt help me a lot. The TLDR suggests WDMEX helps use 2k/XP drivers on 98 ... Would that allow me to run a more modern GPU for 98?? I can find XP drivers for a Radeon HD4850 which is about 10 years too new on 98's scale so would be great to be able to use that for a range of OS's
  13. Thank you for just what I was looking for... I should visit MSFN more often!
  14. Didnt work for me with IE8 installed.. anyone else?

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