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  1. not able to download isolinux.cfg.. keeps on repeating..please help
  2. i only remove languages.. lol.. scared to remove others..never knw it can cum in need...
  3. unsigned driver issue still there right ?? both in x86 and x64
  4. is there any work around for the unsigned driver issue.. when i intergrate drivers ..during installing box pops up..anyway of disabling them. thanks
  5. hi am having a problem ... i was just testing this locally on a machine.. i uinstalled a few drivers and ran this app.. i chose the compressed driver location and the path to extract it too.. well extraction takes time and everything went fine.. the misisng drivers were installed.. but i want to avoid the extraction process.. so i want to put all the extracted drivers in a folder.. so wat changes to do i need to make in the ini file..please help thanks
  6. will this work from a dvd/cd .. if all the drivers and this app are on a dvd/cd
  7. Hi I have a problem. In previous versions of nlite. The user account creation page used to come up followed by WPI (am using that) .. now it doesnt.. if u leave the Administrator passowrd as blank it logs in as Administrator and then WPI starts. If you provide the Administrator password, nothing happens at first boot, u have to press ctrl+alt +del to bring the passowrd box and then type the passowrd.. after that WPI starts.. What i want is the user creation page to come up , so that i can create users and then when i login, WPI to start.. Thanks
  8. cooll.. its of use to me.. i use a lot of commands
  9. nice effort.. but sum icons are old in the pack ..like my documents, my pics.. they aint blue..anyway hope u relase the source code cheers
  10. aye is this ever going to be in the final stage
  11. thx i just hope dis gets on updating .. is theer any site where we can the list of updates for vista as it comes out..
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