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  1. Startisback asked me to update to latest version as of today, came with error when installing, and now I cannot enter startisback settings anymore, on windows 10 pro x64
  2. Sure, but I got many keys Maybe there was another way, are you using another way than shell execute in the code? because I just tested an app code and it worked flawlessly opening links with shell execute.
  3. Oh it is, tested edge,chrome,firefox setting em to default, absolute nothing happens, so can you provide a optional thing so I can get it sorted?
  4. Using startallback and using my SIB key, it wants me to click the red text, but nothing happens Windows 11 pro arm64 raspberry pi4 8gb
  5. Hello with startisback, you cannot restart a remote machine(rdp microsoft) that has SIB installed when being connected, can you add support for it?
  6. Exactly so useless, I should not start by using another language to call up calc, since its native in windows, and CS acts 100% as windows 7 in this manner. So therefore I will stick with CS then. If you where to support another PC which is not your own but needed a native program from windows, would you like to start learning all languages and their respective names for all the different files which is native by default? Hell no.
  7. Had hoped after more than a year now that such simple thing as searching for calc will show the files behavior like it did in the very beginning and also as it does in windows 7 and classic shell. Seems not to be fixed as of yet even tho I reported i years ago. This is how it works in classic shell / win7. Example of searching paint in CS Example of searching paint in SIB Oh well time to revert back once again to CS
  8. wazer

    Sweet 1607

    wait what? there's a script, where.
  9. So following up on my post i made yesterday here. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/174021-startisback-10/page-12#entry1108115 I decided to test http://www.classicshell.netyes thats right the free version which is outstanding. So all the problems i have with SIB++ is totally none existent in classicshell. My files cannot be opened with uac disabled, no problems Windows update(ALL WORKING with/without UAC) Windows firewall(ALL WORKING with/without UAC) My search for files/documents( ie calc.exe), no problems My lock/logout/shutdown/reboot via remote/RPD windows, no problems In fact classic shell find all files you have relation to (used/or attached in start menu INSTANT) without having search index enabled SIB++ does not do that, for all machines i have tested so far, which is A LOT. I'm not going to change to classic shell, since i just would like to have SIB++ work as it did for windows 8.1 which it does not in this currently state. So that's why I decided to test classic shell and see if I was nuts or it actually IS bugs/errors with SIB++ and windows 10, my conclusion bugs/errors/ and or features not implemented yet with SIB++ So Tihiy, would you please consider checking all the things i mentioned already? and maybe look up what classic shell does if you cannot figure it out, because it simply does not work as it used to do in win 8.1. Thanks Edit Just found an comparision, maybe it can be usefull i dont know? http://www.classicshell.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2399
  10. If you want Qick Launch then just create a new Toolbar and navigate to "%Userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch", then unlock your taskbar and drag it over to the left side. I know that >) Hence the old tool i made but its not real programming language hence why i asked if he could make it http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/137889-quick-launch-classic-7-tool-105/
  11. Still having a REALLY hard time using SIB with windows 10 and UAC disabled with normal account that has admin rights. Searching for windows update or update does not show windows update It does show installed updates program, however not able to start it up when UAC is disabled. http://i.imgur.com/yEAHzjr.png http://i.imgur.com/rFXlEjF.png Calculator still not showing up as calc.exe mspaint etc and other files are no problems. http://i.imgur.com/xTFrcIi.png The green ones in this picture for firewall options is possible to launch with uac disabled, the red ones are not. http://i.imgur.com/EfRl8bn.png Bare in mind, SIB and UAC does not go very well in hand in all the machines i have tested so far, all other programs without SIB works just fine when UAC is disabled 2 upgraded 2 fresh install I cant even enter UAC via SIB with UAC disabled. http://i.imgur.com/CTcNsyT.png Test are all on Danish version of windows 10 x64 And as a suggestion, would you consider implementing Quick Launch for all windows version you made SIB for? With your reverse and coding skills I'm sure you could come up with something, to toggle it on/off with a simple click from SIB next to it? This is quick launch http://i.imgur.com/fjGlrvV.png Like it was in windows xp days
  12. I don't know if he can make SiB do that or not - that's RDP that takes that away. Run dialog or Command Prompt. "shutdown /i" (without quotes, and that's the lowercase letter I (Eye) after the forward slash). Gives you a GUI. Enter PC name and other options, etc. If you're using RDP on a local network, you can use the command from any network PC, not just the one you want to shutdown, since you have to give the shutdown GUI the name(s) of the PCs to act on. Or use Chrome RDP, I use either of those two options when I want to reboot or shutdown a PC remotely. If you don't want either of those two alternatives, ignore me. Or use left ALT and F4 to bring up the dialogue box and chose what you want to to. Not really an option , i could use shutdown -i too, but if you only using mouse for simple task already made just by clicking.. anyways does any of you know what command for the simple shutdown gui is? edit nvm i got it here, just vbs script dim objShellset objShell = CreateObject("shell.application")objshell.ShutdownWindowsset objShell = nothing
  13. I have now tested on 3 machines, search does not work as in windows 8.1 with sib. whenever i type calc it should show up the calc.exe files in the search of sib correct?, be aware that im not on native english of windows 10, im on Danish, but... that did not make it any difference in windows 8.1. i actually have to search for calc in my language, which would be lommeregner when i search for that it comes up?, its weird.... and for search to work in sib you will have to enable search index in windows, which i thought it did not rely on, simply because its very s***ty and gives s*** search hints like this btw Tihiy can you fix so we are allowed to shutdown or reboot with SIB when using RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol) ? afaik it has never been possible with sib. I can logout, lock pc and shutdown RDP, thats basicly it, no reboot or shutdown in gui available.
  14. Hi! If you already know this, ignore me, but just wanted to make sure you know that the options to remove those already exist in the right-click taskbar options: Thanks did not know that! Can you confirm/look into my other issues or you already got them?
  15. I noticed the same behavior under windows 8,1 whenever there was a new version out, he might need to check thru some coding settings . Suggestion, maybe add field to check every 1/3 days or weekly for new update?
  16. Hi thanks for providing yet another support for another windows for us trusted users . Now to it, this goes to the dev "Tihiy" I got some issues, well.. First of The general color showing in the startmenu is not your theme color, but rather the "clicking" color i will explain in a picture? http://prntscr.com/81s126 As you can see the color is more bright here in the startmenu which does not match other behaviors in windows 10 like this picture http://prntscr.com/81s1bb Another thing, when hitting the search icon and pressing the menu just after makes the whole taskbar disapear for a few seconds. http://prntscr.com/81s1n4 Can you add support for removing those 2 icons in options of startmenu if possible? http://prntscr.com/81s2jd Whenever i worked with startisback in windows 8.1, and i just quikcly wanted to start a program, lets say, the calculactor, i could just write calc in the startisback search bar and hit enter right away, if i do that now nothing happens, and this is general for all things, tho exceptions of things already in the startmenu is shown right away, if i just type calc and i wait, it says working on it http://prntscr.com/81s53n, if i hit the "show more results just down under "calc" nothing happens. Suggestion, maybe add support for live tiles in your startisback app, if possible? Many would prob. say why?? "just use windows native one", yeah but that one sucks and is kinda locked you cannot work with it, only thing i like about the new windows native startmenu is their live tiles which i think in the other hand is PRETTY darn cool. Windows7/Startisback menu + live tiles = YUMMY Yet again, thanks
  17. Using start %~dp0StartIsBackPlus_setup.exe /elevated /silentunder setupcomplete.cmd will destroy SIB function for being uninstalled or upgraded. It will not let you reboot after you have upgraded or rebooted, it will simply log out user. If force rebooting you will be back without any back background and no explorer available for use. And you are forced to install the same installation again.. Tested on 3 different machines + virtualbox. Can you fix this for unattended use? I posted this in the old section for windows 8.. What i use is 8.1 sorry for post twice in each forum post.
  18. Using start %~dp0StartIsBackPlus_setup.exe /elevated /silentunder setupcomplete.cmd will destroy SIB function for being uninstalled or upgraded. It will not let you reboot after you have upgraded or rebooted, it will simply log out user. If force rebooting you will be back without any back background and no explorer available for use. And you are forced to install the same installation again.. Tested on 3 different machines + virtualbox. Can you fix this for unattended use?
  19. I remember this fix to Let "My Computer" icon be first on desktop, has anyone found a reg or tweak for windows 8.1 that could work?. I found this http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/36944-make-my-computer-first-icon-desktop-5.html but it dont really say anything about windows 8/8.1 :/ I really hate that documents folder being first each time i reboot my machine since the 2nd monitor makes both monitors blink twice when they get into windows and icons have changed back, sooooo annoying.
  20. Is there anyway to integrate SIB into the WIM image without making an silent installer?
  21. Just posting my criticism, i tested this with gaming and this is NOT optimized for that. I had 25% to around 65% loss in FPS when enabled, also moving/re-size/minimize around in windows 8.1 makes it really choppiness and lag. I love Aero and what you have done is amazing but for me as a gamer i cannot recommend it for any in its currently state. A friend of mine also had problems with performance in general when this Aero mod was enabled. Other than that keep up the good work. I will deff get this installed on my Lenovo laptop and my work machine and test it out there too next month hopefully.
  22. Hi ever since you removed the dependency from the explorer core(or whatever) to pull out the real start menu and actually made it as a real standalone application, it have noticed that the start menu when clicking are hanging "A LOT"... Sometimes friends and i that i know need to press at least twice before it opens the start menu(it kinda locks up and shows the button is pressed in, and just sits there until you press it again 2-3 times) its REALLY annoying. Hope others have noticed that too, anyways off to bed
  23. You can use bigger win8 logo from this archive: http://tihiy.net/files/WinOrbs.zip Thanks, why not ask if user wants the icons installed after installation since i assume it because of rights or something?
  24. Have not skimmed thru thread, but first time you install RC5 on windows 8.1 pro it starts up with metro even tho it were set to choose desktop, had to reset it in options again. Aslo There's an error warning when right clicking on startmenu and choosing options, i cannot reproduce it, but it was there twice on 2 different installations. Last is there anyway to make the windows start menu logo bigger like on windows 8? It was fine in the start but then i selected the leaf icon and went back to the windows icon again and it automaticly became much more smaller than it was to beging with.

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