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  1. I meant the translation of your SAB settings. There are still a lot of english items (roughly 70% is not yet translated into german, e.g. the whole "Welcome" tab, most of the "Taskbar" tab, the entire "Explorer" tab etc.), but I would gladly help to complete the german translation. As for the text bug when using Ribbon Explorer: this only happens when the Mica effect is turned on. Then the Window title should be black, but is white. Did I understand correctly that you have no influence on that?
  2. Hi, First of all: great work! I love it! I noticed a slight bug when using the Ribbon mode of the Explorer: the window title is white, which is almost unreadable on light background colours. The 11 standard Explorer correctly uses black text color. I also noticed that the german translation still has lots of untranslated texts. I hereby offer my help in completing the translation. :)
  3. Updated to 1.5.2 but I can't run modern apps anymore, start menu and notification center don't open, either.
  4. Thank you very much! When will you release a fixed update (1.5.1 maybe?)?
  5. Well, you can argue about that with bigmuscle. But since this feature is present and not working correctly, I reported this bug. Despite your reasonable doubts about its purpose, bigmuscle decided to implement it. From a developer's point of view: if I implement a feature, I want to do it right. No matter, if people think of it as useless or not. If there is even one person to which it is useful, it is worth the effort. At least to me.
  6. I encounterd a bug. When in battery mode, only the blur effect is disabled, but transparency is still active.
  7. Hello, Thanks for the great work again! I'm using Glass8 since its initial release on W8.0 and use it on all my W8.x and W10 installations. Now, can someone help me with the layout file? I use the Win8RP atlas file and want to reduce the windows borders, so that they are as thin as in the W10 standard theme. But what do I have to change in the layout file? Simply changing the coordinates did not help. Example: I started trying by just altering the settings for Frames.Window.Bottom. Instead of 8002=0,502,15,518 I tried 8002=0,506,15,518, thus reducing the height of the border by 4 px. But that resulted in a very ugly border. What did I miss? I do not think that sizing margins do cause trouble here, because "my" border image is 12px high and 15 px wide so that a setting of 3601=6,6,1,4 is still well within that area. SO, what am I missing? Forget about that! I just found out by looking at the atlas file itself that there are in fact "two" border images in that area, so that I have to edit the png itself. EDIT: Now, after trying for hours, I still don't get it how to reduce the left, right and bottom borders of the Win8RP atlas to the 1px borders of the W10 standard theme. I want them that way because I don't want the start menu, the notification center and the WiFi menu to have a border, which, unfortunately, is added to them when using the Win8RP atlas file. Can someone help me out?
  8. Tanks a lot for solving my "issue" so quickly!
  9. I actually signed up to say the exact same thing, love using SIB on my main desktop and have no problems with it. But on my tablet I've run into the same issue, I want to be able to tap or click the Start Button and bring up the SIB++ start menu, but use what registers as the Windows Key to jump to the Start Screen. It may seem like a weird use case, but I prefer the regular start screen just for quick tablet stuff, but using the SIB start menu for anything more complicated. AN option that separates a Start Button click/tap and the windows key would be very much appreciated as long as it's not too hard to implement. Would it work if SIB would simply disable its menu in Tablet Mode? That would make sense. I personally don't use tablet mode since the forced fullscreen etc gets in the way for me. I think the best scenario for me would be for SIB to recognise a difference between clicking the button and hitting the key. On a semi-related note I've noticed that occasionally when I've got the 'start screen' option selected instead of 'start menu' it'll pop the start menu up anyway. It's not happening very regularly, but it does happen every now and then. Wanted to say then same, I also would prefer seperate yetting for windows key and start button, since I don't use the tablet very often, because of its disadvantages. I also made the very same observation.
  10. Hi, First of all: Great Work! I use SIB since the original 1.0 for Windows 8.0 and use it daily, even on my Surface 2 Pro. On that very Surface tablet, I am missing an option in SIB++ that was present in SIB, i.e., I configured SIB+ to show the Win 8.1 start screen when pressing the Surface's hardware Windows ("home") button, and to show the SIB+ start menu, when touching or clicking the Windows button of the taskbar. That way, when used as a tablet (e.g. when reading eBooks or watching videos when travelling) I could use the start screen and when in the office, I could use the (in my configuration) more efficient start menu. This is not possible with SIB++ anymore. Its configuration tool does not allow me to configure the tablet's windows key and the taskbar's start button seperately. Coild you please reimplement this use case?
  11. Hi, I just noticed that the german translation is not up to date any more. Where can I download the translation file to help updating it?
  12. I sent you a german translation yesterday (after you explained "averything at once" to me). Just mentioning it here, so that no one else feels obligated to do one. Right pane is wide enough.

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