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  1. Hi I'm trying to add to my Unttended Windows installation the TaskbarLayoutModification.xml file to customize the pinned programs on the taskbar, but the microsoft don't show specifically how to do this for fresh installations (autounattend,xml is possible but maybe in future deprecated, so microsoft hint for TaskbarLayoutModification.xml solution), but only for recovery mode like showed in this pages: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/configuration/configure-windows-10-taskbar?source=recommendations , https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/deploy-pbr-features-using-auto-apply?view=windows-11 Can you address me to the solution? Thanks in advance Giovanni
  2. Hi I'd like to show you a little bug occurring with last version (2.5.2). After some days i install the software, some apps icons disappear, like showed in screenshoot, this is not a problem related to the file C:\Users\<Profile>\AppData\Local\IconCache.db, infact if i delete the file and restart, the icons don't show anymore.In Windows 10 original menu all is ok. This happens mainly on Windows 10 1709, i have formatted almost 4 times and always it happens with same files, for istance Asus AURA like in photo. Happy new year
  3. Hi , i'd like to create an USB pen with Windows 7 X86 and X64 only just like Media Creator does with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, without using any Utility, but just editing various BCD stores in folders BOOT and EFI. In my test i use a X64 ISO and i do this steps: 1) rename Sources in X64\Sources and add X86\Sources 2) edit BCD uefi and Bios version to new paths. final result i have DVD similar to media creation tool. When i launch it. The Setup starts until you push "install Windows" and after the setup cannot find the support. This happens just when you change the name of the original path in BCD for istance (sourcex insted of sources) Maybe somebody know how solve this. Thanks in adavance Giovanni
  4. Hi i am using this useful program from Windows 8, but in the version ++ 2.0.1 for windows 10 i see the colors aren't same for istance in the default Windows 10 Theme the menu and app bar was darker Blue, now it's lighter, to correct the problem i need to do the menu trasparent. can you reset as first i loved it
  5. Hi i am happy customer of StartIsBack, now i am testing the new Plus version, and i have integrated in unattend DVD, i noted when installation ends, the left menu contains all installed applications. It's possible avoid it?
  6. Hi i totally love your program but miss only a thing to be perfect, you need to add silent/unattend switch so i can make a DVD that kill metro first to see it Please do it fast
  7. if you are thinking about normal preinstallation with unattend.xml i did it normally but the theme is deletable. i need to obtain as default themes. u go with mouse on and if u push right button nothing must happen.
  8. Hi all, i am trying to preinstall a Windows 7 with some added themes, but i note that if you go on personalization and select one of this themes you can easyly delete it. i'd like to realize a scenario like defult themes, infact you cannot delete the basic themes. Note: i have a sony vaio computer that after recovery shoes 5 themes installed not removable too Can somebody show me how do it? thanks in advance Giovanni.

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