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Why use Win 9x on new PCs in 2013?


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I could say "Why use Win8 on a new computer?"

One reason could be that you have in effect, two operating systems in one. So if Windows falls over, you can revert to dos and sort things out.

Some like making a new machine bend to their will.

Then there is "Why not, after all its only a hobby?"

Then I could (seriously) say "Why bother with a thatched roof on your house when tiles are better?"

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Why use Win 9x on new PCs in 2013?

Hmmm.. so many reasons, but it can just about be summed up with these:

-Because we feel like it.

-Because for our purposes, newer versions of Windows have nothing whatsoever to offer us that we cannot do with 9x.

-Because we utterly reject the idea that a computer (or piece of software) needs to be updated every ten minutes or so.

-Because it annoys arrogant people who think we're crazy. :w00t::lol:

-Because people like this ^ say it can't be done.

And to quote a post I saw once on a different forum: :angel

...it's morally righteous.
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A few more:




Easier to hack and extend.

Fewer restrictions on what you can do.

Compatable with a wider range of hardware.

When people say it can't be done, I do it.

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Because.... the newer computers I used were barely any faster. Sure, the CPU speed a lot faster, but actually doing things on them doesn't seem any quicker.

If you account for the bloat, and general poor user-interface of newer Windows versions, I can get things done easier and faster on Windows ME.

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Please stop cluttering this Topic with Off-Topic questions. Try it, then open your OWN thread for assistance...

Well, here you are assuming :ph34r: that togermano will fail in his attempt :w00t: .



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Well, I DID say "Try it...". I guess I ASSUMED they would instead of asking "Will It Work?"...

Short answer - :unsure: - Try It!

edit - forgot to say... Good Morning, Mr. Grammar Policeman! :D (Bwahahah!)

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