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  1. Have you tried right clicking the start button?
  2. Just watch ISIS spoof the Microsoft telemetry servers.
  3. A favourite of mine. Rather apt for Microsoft's strategy with Win 10
  4. Quite true. Man my blood boils whenever some shill pukes out something like 'If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear' in the best gestapo tradition. Herr Flick of the Gestapo from the BBC comedy "Allo Allo"?
  5. G8YMW

    XP and malware.

    It's the freebie version. When you go to their website, there are 2 options, 32bit and 64 bit. The release (up to date ATM) is . The firewall that comes with XP sp2 only controls incoming data IIRC No wallets were dented or pennies spent securing my machine 73 de Tony
  6. G8YMW

    XP and malware.

    Here's a few vids that should help In my case I have Comodo Firewall (Blocks outgoing as well as incoming) CCleaner Malwarebytes Anti malware Spybot Search and Destroy Avast Unofficial SP4 which has POS Ready 2009 so is being updated PaleMoon with Noscript
  7. My farewell to one of the greatest bassists to walk this planet. RIP Jack Bruce
  8. Dencorso is absolutely correct. That update just puts up a nag popup. File that update under "B" for "Bin"
  9. http://www.eham.net/ehamforum/smf/index.php/topic,98924.0.html My favourite Win8 shill posted this on Eham on September 16th. The comments on his link spoke volumes to me
  10. Together with an "Agincourt Salute" TELVM.
  11. I never had that problem with Win98se. I know Microsoft said that you do not need a "config.sys" or "autoexec.bat" but I found that getting the DOS sorted, the windows looked after itself.
  12. Of course cleaning the internals is a must but something I have heard recently is if you are using the mains to power the lappie is to remove the battery. I hope some of the more expert on this site can confirm or deny this
  13. Had a play. Went to GMT+6 . Found forum time 4 hours ahead 2 more goes, time is right now Thanks :thumbup Tony
  14. 6 hours behind. Good idea Tripredacus, I'll give it a go
  15. The last few weeks, the forum clock is showing wrong time. The time (for me) is 0108 on 2nd July but the forum is showing 7.08 pm (1908) on the 1st July. Ive checked my time zone settings and they are correct (London, Dublin, Lisbon) What's gone wrong? Thanks in advance de Tony (G8YMW)
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