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  1. I agree with you. Opera 11.xx is much better than 12.xx. I only switched because my favorite add-on did not work in Opera 11 so I switched to 12.02. Ad-block worked but more issues arose when I upgraded from flash 9 to 11. It didn't help that 12.02's java script didn't work properly but because of flash 11 now Ad-block didn't work nor the Youtube windows resizer. So I decided to switch browsers and my only real options were Firefox and Opera. Firefox 10 was a huge mistake and was the reason why I went to Opera in the first place for it crashed like crazy so I tried the latest version of Firefox 3.xx which I loved for it actually worked. For me Firefox 3 is not slow or unresponsive though not as quick as Opera was. Though if I can get Opera to work properly I would go back so I'm going to try what you did/recommend so I may re add it to my box. **NOTE** The reason why Firefox isn't horribly lagged is because I have no-script, ad-block plus, and element hiding helper for ad-block plus.
  2. Try Firefox3.6.28. It renders websites MUCH BETTER than opera 12.02. Youtube works better, newer versions of flash work better, the latest version of ad-block plus works, flash games work, ect. I went from having a 80% chance of a cite working to 99% its work the change. ( Yes sound cloud is one of them ) Ops didn't realize op fixed the issue sorry
  3. Yeh that is probably the issue I haven't been able to update the darn thing since they took down the old windows updater. > thank you for the link.
  4. You're lucky I cant even get opera 9.xx to run on my windows 95 machine it just gives me errors.
  5. I put my laziness aside and did it the inf way.( to only find out it brought me right back to the .exe but this time it worked). Though honestly I still cant figure out why I didnt do it that way the first time. (Also do you know where I can get Ink)
  6.   Good. And maybe you missed the fact that the given driver does contain USB related drivers, of course it is very possible that the good guys at HP included them ONLY to confuse matters, but the actual .inf does contain: so, allow me to believe that besides being unneededly rude (a joke is a joke), you are also unfairly accusing me of having provided you a "wrong" driver.jaclaz It may say that but it doesn't actually have the usb driver. When you run the installer and click usb it says that this isnt the driver and you should remove the disk and ect, ect. (trust me I have been searching for two days) There is a certain driver I'm looking for called the HP DeskJet 970 Series Printer Driver v2.3.2 FOR HOME USERS - USB Connection. (You can check their website) So you did get me the wrong driver but I really cant blame you though cause it is asinine to put usb drivers if you cant use them.
  7.   In any case I can see how vast is the gratitude that you express for the time I wasted trying to help you.jaclaz Maybe I wouldn't have been so rude with a reply if you weren't trying to be so rude to quote an inside joke from an other post. (In other words if you reply trying to get a reaction don't be shocked if you get treated the same way back) If you didn't start out by trying to get a reaction out of me I would of simply and nicely told you that wasn't it and we would both been on our way.
  8.   Congratulations you just gave me the driver I did not ask for. The one you gave me was for LPT1 port . I needed USB port. The problem was solved though by putting my 98 hard drives into a Pentium 3 i had which had the LPT1 port.
  9. I have a HP deskjet 970cxi but windows 98 will not connect to by usb. Any suggestions. (I have the driver for it) ***NOTE- I'm not sure if the driver is for the usb i found it off of cnet.
  10.   Define "resilient", please.jaclaz (of a substance or object) able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed. (I mean it as it is easy to fix an issue since its two OS(s) in one, and if it does die its quick to get it up and running again)
  11. I think the biggest problem for windows 98 now was the 512 mb RAM limit and the 137 gig HD limit but that has already been broken.
  12. Windows 98 is a resilient OS and unlike windows vista ,7 or 8 its not dumbed down and automatically does it. You actually have to do something . (also people like to tweak stuff) If it ain't broke DON'T FIX IT.
  13. There are posts here that solve the ram issue.( rloew) And the CPU depends I dont think it would be an issue though cause my computer was built for XP and runs 98 like a charm.
  14. http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/wiki/Adobe_Flash_PlayerK thanks

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