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  1. It should create a folder call WINDOWS on your C Drive, navigate the folders and grab the DLLs and find the similar named folders in WINNT and drop them in there. I dont know if you have to register the DLL's with RegServer, I am assuming so.
  2. If you are a member of Connect you can still register for it.
  3. RunAs is nice. I use SudoWin, its so much better. The only thing is if you want to retain CD Burning rights download the Nero BurnRight application Sudowin Homepage Nero Buirnrights The reason for this is because Sudowin changes your account to a limited user account for security.
  4. Right Click the start button, hit properties, on start menu hit customize and go to the advanced tabs. That lets everything show up.
  5. I have heard a couple of weeks after the Vista launch. Dont be expecting a big to do over it as they will not probably make a big deal of it as to not retract any of the flare from Windows Vista and dont expect any of Vista's features to make it in such as the two way firewall etc.
  6. There is some theming software out there but its not freeware. Its seems most of the GUI enhancement and Windows 2000 updates on this site are pretty much dad.
  7. With the end of Mainstream support, and obviously the end of USP 5 maybe its time to move on to either Linux or a newer Windows version.
  8. Sounds like a Video card problem or may be Network performance issues
  9. It happens in either or scenario. I did have the same problem but I had fixed it awhile ago. I found that tip on the web somewhere else
  10. If you use imaging software such as Ghost or Acronis to do backups, use ext3. I havent had much luck with Reiser in that scenario.
  11. Not that I know of, but you can go to a used computer store and buy a copy of Windows 2000 on the cheap now. I bought a copy of Server 2000 and Professional for like $100.00 bucks.
  12. I run Dual Monitiors on my Server 2003 setup. Its no trouble to do so.
  13. no crash my friend, sorry. Tried it under Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows 2000 SP4
  14. Personally I generally dislike Download Accelerators but anyway, what OS and you may want to dump Sygate its been aquired by Symantec and no more free personal firewalls will exist from Norton., I personally like Jetico Personal Firewall
  15. Im having a bit of difficulty trying to figure out what your question is? If you are talking simply privacy matters, when you move files to the recycle bin if they are of personal nature use Eraser, a free tool, to permanately delete the files. Your comments on IE and Network Shares ring true as long as when you get rid of the drives they are wiped.
  16. Microsoft has all that information available on their web site just do a search
  17. In short, NO. CAL's are Client Access Licenses that only log how many users can log onto the server. This does not affect IIS or SQL Server, just the actual server itself and only through a couple of uses such as a Domain Controller etc. Microsoft still sells Per User licenses and its up to the administrator to make sure that they have the appropriate licenses. I am assuming Microsoft will change this in the future
  18. I like Xandros, JDS now dead, and SUSE 10 for their ease of use. I like Slackware but if you are new to Linux it may not be the best choice.
  19. While I used to like the Vista Transformation Pack, I dont recommend v4. Its ugly, the start globe is chopped up and its not Windows X, Best work. Sorry WinX.
  20. Microsoft has said that thats not their plan or intention. WGA will NOT shut down PC's in the fall.
  21. All it does is bring some of the R2 release over to Pre R2 machines. I personally for right now dont see any advantage to this SP, Im hoping it becomes more significant as it goes along.
  22. Have you checked Microsofts TechNet site. I also run an IRC server and when I just upgraded to Server 2003 R2 I didnt have any problems.
  23. I personally dont know of any registry keys that allow this type of behavior. WindowsX over on Neowin has released a pack that will turn WinServer 2003 into XP or give you fast user swicthing and trick certain apps into thinking you run Windows XP.
  24. I would test in a VM that way it doesnt hose your own system. It gets to be quite cumbersome to have to reinstall Windows 12 times a day. agreed. ^_^
  25. You should be able to integrate USP 5.1 and it replace IE 5 with IE6 using nLite. Another option as I had to do because I no longer have virgin media of Windows 2000 is use my nlited source which has IE 5 removed and just add SP5 on top of that.

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